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Were the Millers is too bland to be entertaining ( video)

'Millers' stars Jason Sudeikis as the head of a group who need to pretend to be a family in order to smuggle drugs across the Mexican border.

By Peter Rainer Film critic / August 7 2013

We re the Millers tries to be a more dirty minded version of those old National Lampoon family road trip movies. Jason Sudeikis plays a small time dope dealer Jennifer Aniston is his stripper neighbor Will Poulter is a virginal teen living in his apartment building and Emma Roberts plays a homeless punkette. In order to smuggle 1 500 kilos of marijuana across the Mexican border Sudeikis s character rents an RV and bribes this warring trio into pretending to be one big peachy keen family.

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Sudeikis reportedly did a lot of joke enhancement on the script (credited to multiple writers) but not nearly enough. Even tastelessness needs to have some taste. The blue humor in We re the Millers is just bland. And yes Aniston performs a (modified) striptease. That s pretty bland too. Grade C (Rated R for crude sexual content pervasive language drug material and brief graphic nudity.)

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