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NASCAR drivers react to Tony Stewarts crash injury

Tony Stewart's broken leg came as a shock to many in the NASCAR world and the long term impact remains unclear for now.

But that didn't stop drivers and others in the garage from reacting to the news and speculating as to what it might mean.

MONTOYA 'There's always a risk factor'

Kenny Wallace a driver and Speed TV analyst said it shows how any type of dirt sprint car is a very dangerous car.

Those cars don't just spin out they flip he said. That's a fact because of the way the cars were designed. We've had two deaths and a broken leg in the span of a couple of months. God is sending us a message and we better listen.

TIMELINE Notable sprint car crashes and fatalities

Wallace said it would be a mistake to say Well that's just the way these cars are.

This is a wake up call he said. The sprint car world needs to do something. They need to look at this car and create ways to improve its safety.

RYAN NASCAR needs Stewart driving anywhere

NASCAR Hall of Famer Darrell Waltrip said Stewart's injury might be the straw that broke the camel's back when it comes to NASCAR team owners letting drivers race in the minor leagues for fun.

Some owners and drivers now might decide it's too risky and curtail this Waltrip said. When Tony has time to evaluate everything he might come up with some safety innovations that could make sprint car racing safer.

GLUCK Moonlighting may cost Stewart season

Speed analyst Kyle Petty said the crash shines a light on the issue but change might not be immediate.

If I'm an owner with a driver and 300 plus employees that depend on that driver getting in the car each weekend because the sponsor pays me then I not only have to protect myself I have to protect my business and employees Petty said. As a driver I'm going to say 'This is what I do. I don't live in a bubble. I can't let life live me. I have to live it and can't just sit on my rear end and do just this one thing. I want to drive everything I can.'

Therein lies what will be the compromise between the owners and drivers.

In a statement NASCAR said it was keeping Stewart in its thoughts.

Our foremost concern is with Tony's health and recovery NASCAR said. We're in close contact with his team and they will provide further information as it becomes available.

WATCH Tony Stewart crashes Monday in Iowa

Many drivers took to Twitter to express their well wishes for Stewart after they learned about the news. Here's a sample

Can 39 t blame a guy for doing what he loves. Hoping my buddy Tony has a fast recovery.

Ryan Newman ( RyanNewman39) August 6 2013

Wishing Tony a quick recovery...I hope people don 39 t 2nd guess him.That dude is a racer. Period.His support of Sprint car racing is unmatched

Elliott Sadler ( Elliott_Sadler) August 6 2013

Just hearing the news about Smoke. What a bummer. Heal up quick buddy. Won 39 t be the same without him in the field.

Steve Letarte ( SteveLetarte) August 6 2013

heard about tony 39 s leg this morning. that sucks for him specially having the glen this weekend. hope he gets better soon.

Juan Pablo Montoya ( jpmontoya) August 6 2013

Thinking of my buddy Tony Stewart today. Get well soon Smoke

Tony Gibson ( TonyOldman10) August 6 2013

Tony Stewart is as hardcore of a racer than anyone I know. I 39 ll bet he 39 s pissed off about getting hurt has no regrets.

Mike Calinoff ( MikeCalinoff) August 6 2013

Just saw the news about Stewart. Man I hope he heals up quick

Aric Almirola ( aric_almirola) August 6 2013

Sorry to hear about tony this morning.

Martin Truex Jr. ( MartinTruexJr56) August 6 2013

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