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Stephen Colbert Daft Punks us anyway with a star studded Get Lucky dance ...

I m up all night to get lucky enough to hit live TV just in time for the greatest Colbert Report music video of all time a dance party to Daft Punk s Get Lucky featuring Matt Damon Hugh Laurie Jeff Bridges Bryan Cranston (pictured) Jimmy Fallon Henry Kissinger ( ) the Rockettes Jon Stewart via satellite the entire production of America s Got Talent and more. I know I really sold you on that last one But do yourself a favor.

Daft Punk was scheduled to perform the song of the summer of the century as part of the Report s summer concert series Colbchella the anti establishment convention destroying rock and roll ethos brought to you by Hyundai but they had to cancel last minute due to an exclusivity conflict with MTV. Comedy Central s sister network had been promised exclusive television rights to the TV shy Daft Punk leading up the VMAs.

You see we booked Click and Clack over here about a month ago Colbert said on Tuesday s Report. Well apparently Daft Punk are going to make a surprise appearance on the MTV Video Music Awards. Don t tell anybody because fun fact No one told me until two o clock yesterday.

He shared this absurd email from MTV head Van Toffler

His peeps were feelin funky

Robin Thicke performed his single Blurred Lines in Daft Punk s place.

You can watch the entire episode in which Stephen hilariously attempts to sabotage the VMAs and briefly visits with punkfather Ashton Kutcher on Comedy Central s Colbert Nation or Hulu.

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