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Barbara Morgan Anthony Weiner Aide Lashed Out At Former Intern Olivia Nuzzi

NEW YORK A former campaign intern who was heavily criticized by embattled mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner's chief spokeswoman in an expletive laced tirade has accepted her apology.

The ex intern Olivia Nuzzi tweeted her acceptance of the apology by spokeswoman Barbara Morgan on Wednesday.

Morgan had ranted about Nuzzi in an interview with the political news website Talking Points Memo. She later apologized for using vulgar language to describe Nuzzi and said she believed her interview was off the record.

Talking Points said it contacted Morgan on Tuesday for an unrelated story when she launched into her attack on Nuzzi for writing an unflattering first person article for the Daily News about her experience working on Weiner's campaign.

In the Tuesday cover story Nuzzi wrote that Weiner often called interns Monica a reference to former White House intern Monica Lewinsky and that many people worked on the campaign only to get close to Weiner's wife Huma Abedin an ex aide to former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Nuzzi also said many of the campaign staffers including Morgan had short resumes noting that the communications director last worked as the press secretary for the New Jersey state education commissioner.

Morgan said Nuzzi was bad at her job and threatened to sue her.

She was clearly there because she wanted to be seen. ... she would just not show up for work Morgan said adding that she tried to fire Nuzzi but gave her a second chance when Nuzzi begged to come back.

Nuzzi stopped interning for the campaign about four weeks ago Morgan said.

Later she issued an apology.

In a moment of frustration I used inappropriate language in what I thought was an off the record conversation she said. It was wrong and I am very sorry which is what I said tonight when I called and emailed Olivia to apologize.

Nuzzi a college student and writer tweeted that she of course accepted Morgan's apology.

Morgan tweeted a photo of a swear jar stuffed with $100 bills and said Not my best day yesterday. Should've known better been better. Gotta pay up.

Last week Weiner a married Democrat acknowledged exchanging sexually explicit messages with women online after similar behavior spurred his resignation from Congress in 2011. He released a new campaign video Tuesday evening saying he won't quit the mayor's race despite pressure from politicians and newspaper editors.

A poll released Monday found Weiner's support fell from 26 percent last week to 16 percent.

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Riley Cooper vows apology to black teammates after slur

PHILADELPHIA Embarrassed Eagles receiver Riley Cooper stood fittingly with his back to a wall outside the team's training complex press room Wednesday night apologizing for a racial epithet used after a confrontation with an African American security guard working a June 8 Kenny Chesney concert.

The six minute 45 second apology which followed a Twitter apology was only the beginning for Cooper who was fined an undisclosed amount by the team and now awaits word on whether the NFL will tack on more discipline.

The receiver said he intended to apologize later to his teammates many of whom are African American following a 7 p.m. walk through practice.

VIDEO Cooper's outburst

It's going to be very difficult for me. I'm going to tell them 'I'm extremely sorry ' tell them exactly what I'm telling you guys. There was a confrontation and I handled it extremely extremely poorly '' Cooper said to 25 reporters and six local television cameras. This is kind of the lowest of lows. This isn't the type of person I want to be portrayed as. This isn't the type of person that I am.

I know no one in Philadelphia is happy with me right now. I accept that. I just hope they see the true me. And accept my apology.''

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello declined to say if the league would take further discipline adding The NFL stands for diversity and inclusion. Comments like this are wrong offensive and unacceptable.

In a video that has gone viral Cooper said I will jump that fence and fight every (N word) here bro.

He was asked if he had too much to drink that night when he also was caught on video in a heated argument.

I was drinking '' he said. But that is no excuse for what I said and what I did. I'm willing to accept any consequences.''

Cooper was asked how he let a racial slur shown on CrossingBroad.com come out of his mouth

Marcus Vick Brother of Eagles QB issues bounty on Cooper

I shouldn't have '' Cooper said. I'm disgusted. And I'm sorry. That's not the type of person I am. I wasn't raised that way. I have a great mom and dad at home. And they're extremely extremely disappointed in me. They are disgusted with my actions.

Cooper's profane epithet was the first test of first year coach Chip Kelly's crisis management.

He said 'Go out and face this and tell them exactly what you just told me how sorry you are for what you said ''' Cooper said.

The fourth year receiver who is the team's No. 2 receiver opposite DeSean Jackson following last weekend's season ending knee injury suffered by Jeremy Maclin said he met with owner Jeffrey Lurie general manager Howie Roseman and Kelly.

Cooper declined to reveal the amount he was fined but said the punishment was a joint decision by the three.

It was a good amount of money but that's really not important '' he said. The situation should not have been dealt with the way I dealt with it.''

Laurie said in a statement We are shocked and appalled by Riley Cooper's words. This sort of behavior or attitude from anyone has no role in a civil society. He has accepted responsibility for his words and his actions. He has been fined for this incident.

Cooper was asked if he expects to be a marked man in the league now.

I haven't thought that far ahead '' he said. I just know how sorry I am right now.''

Curiously Marcus Vick brother of Eagles quarterback Michael Vick placed a $1 000 bounty on Cooper via Twitter on Wednesday night offering the money to any safety who laid a good lick on the receiver. Later after being criticized by his brother Marcus Vick deleted the tweet.

If there is someone Cooper can look to for a road back it is former NFL quarterback Kerry Collins who used a racial slur in jest after a night out drinking with black teammates on the Carolina Panthers in the late 1990s before the New York Giants threw Collins a lifeline and he made the most of it leading the team to the Super Bowl in the 2000 season.

Before that Collins was arrested for drunken driving and was accused by Carolina Panthers teammates of quitting on his team.

I've been called a racist a drunk and a quitter. Other than that I'm fine '' Collins said at the time.

After he apologized once more Cooper left to say he was sorry to those he must convince of his contrition his teammates.

Most of the ones that know me they know what kind of person I am '' he said.

Follow Jim Corbett on Twitter ByJimCorbett.

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Princess Diana was madly in love with Hasnat Khan

On the heels of the celebrated birth of Prince William's first child Vanity Fair is remembering his mother Princess Diana who died in a tragic car crash in 1997 at the age of 36.

Britain's young new Prince George of Cambridge may never meet his paternal grandmother but as her story prepares to go to the big screen in Diana this fall the magazine presents a new account of the princess' love affair with Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan in the last years before her death.

Diana was madly in love with Hasnat Khan and wanted to marry him even if that meant living in Pakistan said Jemima Khan a friend to the princess of no relation to the surgeon.


And that's one of the reasons why we became friends.

The Princess of Wales reportedly spent a lot of time trying to get to know members of the Khan family with the intent to quietly marry into it which was not entirely acceptable.

For a son to marry an English girl is every conservative Pashtun mother's worst nightmare said Jemima Khan.


Antony Jones/UK Press via Getty Images Dr. Hasnat Khan in London 1997 Friends describe the former lover of Princess Diana as a private man who was worried about how it would work between them.

Even for Hasnat Khan discussions of a secret wedding were thought to be ridiculous.

I thought it was a ridiculous idea Khan was quoted as saying in his official interview with police after Princess Diana's death adding that he told her that the only way I could see us having a vaguely normal life together would be if we went to Pakistan as the press don't bother you there.

She saw he was horrified by the secret wedding plan Daily Mail reporter Richard Kay who was close to Princess Diana told Vanity Fair. Suddenly she saw all these pitfalls looming.


Frustrated their relationship spiraled downwards and that was when she met Dodi Al Fayed the new boyfriend that was with her in the car when she died in Paris.

Many friends interviewed by Vanity Fair believed the relationship with Al Fayed may have been only to make Khan jealous. He promised her a ring one day according to Rosa Monckton the former managing director of Tiffany Co.

Hasnat was a decent intensely private man from a traditional conservative Pakistani family and he was worried about how it would work Jemima Khan added.

And he hated the thought of being in the glare of publicity for the rest of his life.

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Simon Cowell expecting first child with close friends wife Lauren Silverman ...

Is Simon Cowell about to become a father

The 53 year old X Factor judge is reportedly expecting a baby with New York socialite Lauren Silverman according to an Us Weekly report.

Spread/X17online.com/Spread/X17online.com Simon Cowell soaking up the sun with a Lauren Silverman in St. Barths on his yacht in January 2012 Andrew Silverman Lauren's husband was present on the trip.

She's around 10 weeks along the insider dished to the mag however there is a little more to the story than that.


INFphoto.com Cowell pictured with married New York socialite Lauren Silverman in January 2012.

The 36 year old brunette is still married to one of Cowell's close pals Andrew Silverman who is a real estate mogul in New York City.

Lauren and Andrew have been unhappy in their marriage for some time and their divorce has been in the works for a while a source told Us of the estranged spouses.

Dave M. Benett/ Getty Images Lauren Silverman attends a party celebrating the launch of 'Sweet Revenge The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell' by Tom Bower at The Serpentine Gallery in 2012.

As their marriage deteriorated she and Simon became close.


Lauren Silverman poses with husband Andrew at New York City event in January 2013.

Silverman and Cowell were photographed on several different occasions soaking up the sun on the music mogul's yacht but her husband who she allegedly plans to leave to be with the father of her child was only a few feet away as he was on board during these luxurious vacations.

Cowell certainly appears to have a type as he has a bevy of brown haired beauties as ex girlfriends.

Simon Cowell with ex fiancee Mezhgan Hussainy along with Lauren and Andrew Silverman on a yacht in St. Barths on Jan. 4.

Silverman has a striking resemblance to his past lovers like Jackie St.Clair Terri Seymour and former fiancee Mezhgan Hussainy.


PacificCoastNews.com Simon Cowell and Andrew Silverman in St. Barths on Jan. 4.

Cowell's last public relationship was with TV personality Carmen Electra the couple opened up about their union in December 2012 but shortly after Cowell confirmed their split in February 2013.

I'm now a single man. We spent time together and she is so much fun he told the Sunday People at the time.

Getty Images/ FilmMagic/ Getty I Some of Simon Cowell's exes have striking similarities (from left) Jackie St.Clair Terri Seymour and former fiancee Mezhgan Hussainy.

Prior to Electra 40 he was engaged to makeup artist Hussainy before news first broke in September 2011 that the pair had called off their 18 month engagement.


WENN.com Cowell was all smiles when photographed leaving St.Martin's Theatre with Silverman in late March after watching the longest running show in the world in London.

Despite having many serious girlfriends entering parenthood with any of his past loves is something Cowell has said he was not exactly cut out for.

God no. I couldn't have children. If I had them here drawing on the walls I'd go nuts he said in an interview in 2009.

INFphoto.com Simon Cowell hangs out on his super yacht with ex girlfriend Sinitta and Andrew Silverman and Lauren Silverman in St. Tropez France in early August 2011.

With kids you've got a routine you can't escape from. You've got to be up at a certain time. Got to listen. When all you want to do is sit in a corner thinking.


As years have passed it appeared the outspoken Cowell had softened up a bit on the idea of having kids.

Well ... yes he said when asked by AOL in March 2012 if he'd had a change of heart on the topic.

And no. I do really really like kids because I can talk to them and listen to them. The problem has always been how much time you need to devote to bringing up kids. I've always dedicated all my life to work and at 52 I've probably missed the opportunity.

rmaresca nydailynews.com

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Bradley Manning acquitted of most serious charge convicted of others

Manning's leak of more than 700 000 State Department cables terrorism detainee assessments combat logs and videos was the largest breach of classified secrets in U.S. history. Among the information was a now infamous 2007 video of an Apache combat helicopter attack in Iraq in which U.S. soldiers fired on civilians and killed 12 including two Reuters journalists.

Manning becomes one of only two people ever convicted under the Espionage Act for making classified data available to the public the other Samuel L. Morison a government security analyst convicted in 1985 was pardoned by President Clinton on his final day in office.

We won the battle now we need to go win the war said chief defense lawyer David Coombs who was greeted by applause and thanks from Manning supporters when he left the courtroom. Today is a good day but Bradley is by no means out of the fire.

Under the aiding the enemy charge Manning 25 could have been sent to prison for life with no parole. The military judge Army Col. Denise Lind heard the case without a jury and did not explain her verdicts. She appeared to have accepted defense arguments that Manning did not understand that releasing the material could allow Al Qaeda and other foreign terrorist organizations to use the information to harm the United States.

The government's theory that even if Manning did not directly convey information to an enemy he could be charged with that crime because information released to the public could be obtained by U.S. adversaries had serious implications for whistle blowers and those who provide information about classified programs to journalists.

Prosecutors pushed a theory that making information available on the Internet whether through WikiLeaks in a personal blog posting or on the website of the New York Times can amount to 'aiding the enemy ' said Widney Brown senior director for international law and policy at Amnesty International. That Brown said is ludicrous.

A conviction for aiding the enemy would have severely crippled the operation of a free press said Thomas Fiedler dean of the College of Communication at Boston University.

At Tuesday's hearing Manning wore a blue dress uniform wire rim glasses and a prison pallor after three years in pretrial confinement. He stood at ramrod attention and listened without emotion as the judge read the guilty and not guilty verdicts on about two dozen charges.

A sentencing hearing is scheduled to begin Wednesday with each side expected to present about 10 witnesses. Manning's lawyers may put him on the stand.

If so it would be the second time he has addressed the court. In February Manning pleaded guilty to 10 lesser charges of mishandling classified data. He said then that after collecting intelligence on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan I began to become depressed with the situation we had become mired in year after year.

After the sentencing Maj. Gen. Jeffrey S. Buchanan commander of joint forces in the capital region has the authority to toss out some or all of the guilty verdicts and theoretically release Manning. On Friday Manning supporters rallied outside the gate of Ft. McNair in Washington where Buchanan is stationed. They carried balloons and a 20 foot banner that read Maj. Gen. Buchanan Do the Right Thing. Free Bradley Manning.

Manning was arrested in spring 2010 after the documents he took from government computer databases began appearing in sensational posts on the WikiLeaks website. For months he was held incommunicado and his lawyers complained he was kept naked and tortured emotionally before his trial began in June.

Manning elected to allow Judge Lind to hear the case without a jury probably worried that a panel of fellow soldiers weighing his fate would not be pleased that some of the material he gave to WikiLeaks was found in Osama bin Laden's compound in Pakistan after the Al Qaeda leader was killed by Navy SEALs in May 2011.

Military prosecutors presented evidence that Manning underwent extensive training about safeguarding classified data before becoming an Army intelligence analyst in Iraq and that he instructed other soldiers in security procedures.

He was a traitor a traitor who understood the value of compromised information in the hands of the enemy and took deliberate steps to ensure that they along with the world received it Maj. Ashden Fein the chief prosecutor told the judge.

The defense however portrayed Manning as a small town youth from Oklahoma who joined the Army with good intentions only to become deeply bothered when he discovered what he believed to be government misconduct. Coombs said Manning was a whistle blower a young naive good intentioned soldier.

The soldier has spawned a worldwide group of sympathizers who have rallied in his defense urged his release and floated his name for the Nobel Peace Prize.

On Tuesday morning hours before Manning learned his fate two dozen supporters many wearing black TRUTH T shirts hoisted signs and waved at workers arriving at Ft. Meade where the court martial has been held and which also houses the highly secretive National Security Agency and the Defense Information Systems Agency.

Julian Assange the founder of WikiLeaks was asked before the verdicts whether a long prison sentence would be worth it to Manning.

That's something Bradley Manning has to weigh up Assange told CNN. He was willing to take that risk because he believes apparently that the result is so important.

richard.serrano latimes.com

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Eileen Brennan Stalwart of Film and Stage Dies at 80

Her manager Kim Vasilakis confirmed the death on Tuesday saying the cause was bladder cancer.

Ms. Brennan had had a solid career on the New York stage and in films like The Last Picture Show and The Sting when she was cast for the film Private Benjamin a 1980 box office hit starring Goldie Hawn in the title role.

Ms. Brennan played Capt. Doreen Lewis the slow burning commanding officer of a pampered privileged young woman who joins the Army and finds that she isn t anybody s little princess anymore. The performance brought Ms. Brennan an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actress. She reprised the role in 1981 in a CBS sitcom based on the film with Lorna Patterson in the Goldie Hawn role. The TV performance brought Ms. Brennan the Emmy Award for best supporting actress in a comedy variety or music series.

But she was forced to leave Private Benjamin when she was hit by a car and critically injured in Venice Calif. Without her the series died in 1983.

While recovering Ms. Brennan became addicted to pain medication and underwent treatment. She later developed breast cancer.

She returned to television in 1985 in a new sitcom Off the Rack with Edward Asner but the show lasted only six episodes. Afterward she made guest appearances on other shows but she never recaptured the attention she had known in the past as the toast of Off Broadway in Little Mary Sunshine as a film actress in the 1970s and as an honored comedy star just before her accident.

Verla Eileen Regina Brennen was born on Sept. 3 1932 and grew up in Los Angeles the daughter of a newspaper reporter who also worked in sales and a former actress. Later in life dealing with her own alcohol dependency she talked about the alcoholism in her family when she was a child.

After attending Georgetown University she studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York performed in summer stock and worked as a singing waitress.

Her first big role was as the title character in Rick Besoyan s Little Mary Sunshine a 1959 parody of operettas that played at the Orpheum Theater. She won an Obie Award for her portrayal of the show s spunky fluttery eyed heroine. A year later she complained to The New York Times that she had been hopelessly typecast as that kookie girl.

Perhaps to prove otherwise she promptly starred in the national tour of The Miracle Worker as Helen Keller s gravely serious teacher Annie Sullivan.

In 1963 Ms. Brennan earned positive reviews as Anna in a City Center revival of The King and I. In 1964 she was cast as Irene Molloy the young widow in the original Broadway production of Hello Dolly with Carol Channing.

Among later stage performances she appeared in John Ford Noonan s A Coupla White Chicks Sitting Around Talking a critically praised 1980 two woman show with Susan Sarandon and Martin McDonagh s dark comedy The Cripple of Inishmaan (1998) in which she played an alcoholic Irishwoman.

Ms. Brennan made her television debut in The Star Wagon a 1966 PBS special based on Maxwell Anderson s play about a man who invented a time machine. Her film debut came a year later in Divorce American Style a comedy starring Debbie Reynolds and Dick Van Dyke.

After a brief stint as an original cast member (along with Ms. Hawn) of Rowan and Martin s Laugh In the 1960s sketch comedy series she did her first picture playing a world weary Texas waitress in The Last Picture Show (1971) directed by Peter Bogdanovich.

Mr. Bogdanovich cast her again in Daisy Miller (1974) as a society hostess and in At Long Last Love (1975) as a singing maid.

Ms. Brennan played a madam with a heart of gold in the Oscar winning 1973 film The Sting and appeared in two comedy noir films written by Neil Simon Murder by Death (1976) and The Cheap Detective (1978).

In later years she appeared in Miss Congeniality 2 Armed and Fabulous (2005) as William Shatner s mother (despite being a year younger than he was). But she was most visible making guest appearances on television.

In addition to the Emmy she won Ms. Brennan received six other Emmy nominations. Two were for Private Benjamin. The others were for her work in Taxi Newhart Thirtysomething and Will Grace in which she played Sean Hayes s formidable acting teacher.

Throughout her career she talked openly about addiction. It s so horrible and it can be so disastrous yet there s something about the sensitivity of the human being that has to face it she said in a 1996 interview. We re very sensitive people with a lot of introspection and you get saved or you don t get saved.

Ms. Brennan was married from 1968 to 1974 to David John Lampson an aspiring actor. Their two sons Patrick and Sam survive her along with a sister Kathleen Howard and two grandchildren.

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Bradley Manning acquitted of aiding the enemy

Updated 7 26 p.m. ET

Bradley Manning the 25 year old Army private who gave thousands of classified U.S. military and diplomatic documents to WikiLeaks was acquitted of aiding the enemy in a military court martial but was convicted on multiple other counts.

As CBS News correspondent David Martin reported Manning had chosen to have his fate decided by a judge Army Col. Denise Lind rather than a military jury. Col. Lind gave no explanation for her verdict or why she was not convinced by the government's contention that manning knew the material he provided to WikiLeaks would make its way to the enemy.

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Manning verdict Acquitted of aiding the enemy convicted of lesser charges

The charge of aiding the enemy was the most serious of 21 counts. It carried a possible life sentence without parole.

Manning was convicted of six espionage counts five theft charges a computer fraud charge and other military infractions. Manning's sentencing hearing is set to begin Wednesday.

Manning pleaded guilty earlier this year to reduced versions of some charges. He faces up to 20 years in prison for those offenses but prosecutors pressed ahead with the original eight federal Espionage Act violations five federal theft counts and two federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act violations each punishable by up to 10 years and five military counts of violating a lawful general regulation punishable by up to two years each. All told Manning faces a maximum of up to 136 years in prison for his various convictions. There is however no minimum sentencing requirements for Judge Lind to follow.

A courtroom sketch from the sentencing hearing of Army Pfc. Bradley Manning on July 30 2013.

/ Bill Hennessy/Courtroomart.com

According to the Associated Press Manning did not appear to react to the verdict although his attorney David Coombs smiled faintly when he heard not guilty on aiding the enemy.

We won the battle now we need to go win the war Coombs said outside the courtroom after the verdict Wednesday. Today is a good day but Bradley is by no means out of the fire.

Assange Manning conviction a dangerous precedent

Manning a native of Crescent Okla. had prior to the verdict admitted to sending 470 000 Iraq and Afghanistan battlefield reports 250 000 State Department diplomatic cables and other material including several battlefield video clips to WikiLeaks while working in Army intelligence in Iraq in early 2010.

WikiLeaks published much of the material on its website as well as in cooperation with several news outlets like The New York Times and The Guardian.

Prosecutors had argued that Manning had a general evil intent because he knew the classified material would be seen by and help terrorists. They claimed when Navy SEALs raided Osama bin Laden's Pakistani compound in 2011 they found copies of WikiLeaks documents that Manning had provided. Prosecutors also argued that Manning simply wanted to make a name for himself by leaking the classified material.

12 Photos

WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning

Manning himself did not testify during the trial but in a pre trial hearing said he wanted to expose what he called the American military's bloodlust and disregard for human life in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as its dishonest diplomacy and that he carefully selected material that wouldn't put troops in harms' way. His attorney has tried to portray Manning as a whistleblower with good intentions.

Reactions to the Manning verdict have been mostly positive out of Washington D.C.

Rep. Mike Rogers R Mich. and Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger both members of the House Intelligence Committee released a joint statement after the verdict hailing the multiple convictions.

Justice has been served today the statement read. PFC Manning harmed our national security violated the public's trust and now stands convicted of multiple serious crimes. There is still much work to be done to reduce the ability of criminals like Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden to harm our national security.

Manning's supporters however were dismayed by Tuesday's verdict. WikiLeaks said on its official twitter feed the conviction on espionage charges was dangerous national security extremism from the Obama administration.

Bradley Manning's convictions today include 5 courts of espionage. A very serious new precedent for supplying information the press.

WikiLeaks ( wikileaks) July 30 2013

Following Tuesday's espionage conviction WikiLeaks's founder Julian Assange said the conviction against a whistleblower was dangerous precedent.

Bradley Manning's alleged disclosures have exposed war crimes sparked revolutions and induced democratic reform said Assange in a statement. He is the quintessential whistleblower.

This is the first ever espionage conviction against a whistleblower. It is a dangerous precedent and an example of national security extremism. It is a short sighted judgment that can not be tolerated and must be reversed. It can never be that conveying true information to the public is 'espionage.'

Many legal analysts said earlier that a conviction of Manning would mark a new precedent in prosecutions of U.S. secret leakers because the Army private never actually shared the information directly to an enemy of the U.S.

Most of the aiding the enemy charges historically have had to do with POWs who gave information to the Japanese during World War II or to Chinese communists during Korea or during the Vietnam War Duke law school professor and former Air Force judge advocate Scott Silliman told the Associated Press.

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Do too many have access to America's top secrets

Manning's supporters have expressed fears that this new turn in leak prosecutions will have a chilling effect on potential whistleblowers of government wrongdoing.

The actual effects of Manning's leaks are still being debated three years later.

One of the videos leaked by Manning included a 2007 U.S. Apache helicopter attack in Baghdad that killed at least nine men including a Reuters news photographer and his driver. The video inflamed anger among many in the both the U.S. and abroad because it allegedly showed unarmed civilians being killed something the U.S. military disputed was incorrectly portrayed due to editing.

Other material leaked by Manning included thousands of confidential diplomatic cables that revealed the frank and often embarrassing discussions America's diplomatic corps had about various world leaders and geopolitics. For a time there was anger amongst foreign diplomats and governments about some of the exposed secrets but three years on the latest series of U.S. government leaks produced by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden have received nearly all of the international outrage towards America's clandestine behavior and actions. An example of one of the many revelations Manning leaked was a diplomatic cable claiming Saudi Arabia a key regional ally for the U.S. is one of the largest origin points for funds supporting international terrorism.

From the documents Manning leaked that came from the Pentagon one of the many revelations was that there were 109 032 violent deaths recorded in Iraq between 2004 and 2009 including 66 081 civilians which is 15 000 more than previously reported.

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Private Benjamin actress Eileen Brennan dies at 80

Eileen Brennan who went from musical comedy on Broadway to wringing laughs out of memorable characters in such films as Private Benjamin and Clue has died. She was 80.

Brennan's managers Jessica Moresco and Al Onorato said she died Sunday at home in Burbank after a battle with bladder cancer.

Our family is so grateful for the outpouring of love and respect for Eileen her family said in a statement. She was funny and caring and truly one of a kind. Her strength and love will never be forgotten.

Brennan got her first big role on the New York stage in Little Mary Sunshine a musical comedy that won her the 1960 Obie award for best actress. Along with her excellent singing voice her performance was radiant and comic said a New York Times review.

But it was a series of sharp tongued roles that won her fans on television and in movies including gruff Army Capt. Doreen Lewis in 1980's Private Benjamin aloof Mrs. Peacock in 1985's Clue and mean orphanage superintendent Miss Bannister in 1988's The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking.

I love meanies and this goes back to Capt. Lewis in Private Benjamin ' Brennan said a 1988 interview with The Associated Press. You know why Because they have no sense of humor. People who are mean or unkind or rigid think about it cannot laugh at themselves. If we can't laugh at ourselves and the human condition we're going to be mean.

Private Benjamin brought her a supporting actress nomination for an Oscar. She also won an Emmy for repeating her Private Benjamin role in the television version and was nominated six other times for guest roles on such shows as Newhart thirtysomething Taxi and Will Grace.

Our world has lost a rare human said Private Benjamin star Goldie Hawn in a statement. Eileen was a brilliant comedian a powerful dramatic actress and had the voice of an angel. I will miss my old friend.

Brennan's Private Benjamin role led to an enduring friendship with Hawn. A couple of years after they filmed the movie Brennan and Hawn had dinner one night in 1982 in Venice Calif. As they left the restaurant Brennan was struck by a car. Her legs were smashed bones on the left side of her face were broken her left eye socket was shattered. Brennan said she fought her injuries with rage.

I was no saint she said in an interview with Ladies Home Journal. I was angry and anger is a powerful emotion. It increased my determination not to go under to get well.

Brennan became dependent on painkillers and two years after the accident she entered the Betty Ford Center to cure her addiction.

We get addicted to dull the pain of life she told the magazine. But once we accept that life is tough and painful we can move on and grow and evolve.

A decade after the accident she said she was glad she was struck by the car.

You learn from powerful things she said in 1992. Initially there's enormous anger but your priorities get shifted around.

Brennan was a member of the original company of Hello Dolly on Broadway. From the New York stage she moved to the screen in Divorce American Style and The Last Picture Show a pair of appearances on Rowan Martin's Laugh In and TV guest shots on everything from All in the Family and McMillan Wife to Kojak The Love Boat Murder She Wrote and Mad About You.

Brennan was born Verla Eileen Regina Brennan in Los Angeles. She was educated in convent schools and studied at Georgetown University and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York.

She is survived by her two sons Sam and Patrick Brennan.

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A look at how Pfc. Bradley Mannings court martial unfolded before judge ...

FORT MEADE Md. U.S. Army Pfc. Bradley Manning has been acquitted of the most serious charge he faced aiding the enemy but was convicted of 19 other counts for leaking a trove of classified information to the anti secrecy website WikiLeaks. The military judge in his case has scheduled his sentencing hearing to begin Wednesday.

Here's a look at the key elements of the case


Manning was acquitted of the most serious charge of aiding the enemy which carried a possible sentence of life in prison. He was still convicted of espionage theft computer fraud and other charges. How long Manning spends in prison is up to the judge Army Col. Denise Lind. However Manning could still spend the rest of his life in prison if the judge imposes the maximum sentence of 136 years.


The 25 year old native of Crescent Okla. admittedly leaked hundreds of thousands of classified Iraq and Afghanistan war logs and diplomatic cables in 2009 and 2010 while working as an intelligence analyst in Baghdad. Manning also has acknowledged leaking a 2007 video clip of a U.S. helicopter crew killing 11 men including a Reuters news photographer and his driver. The Pentagon concluded the troops acted appropriately having mistaken the camera equipment for weapons.


Prosecutors presented testimony from 80 witnesses over five weeks. The government's evidence showed Manning had been warned about the dangers of disclosing classified information including posting it online.

There was testimony the leaked material revealed military tactics and other information an enemy could exploit. The government also presented evidence that al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden requested and received from an associate some of the documents Manning leaked after they were published on WikiLeaks.

In a more than four hour closing argument Fein said Manning betrayed his country's trust and spilled government secrets to make a name for himself knowing the material would be seen by al Qaida.

Fein said Manning relied on WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange for guidance on what to leak.


The defense presented testimony from 10 witnesses in three days plus one rebuttal witness after resting. Manning did not testify. The defense evidence showed Manning was authorized even encouraged to view a wide range of classified information as part of his job. The evidence was meant to counter charges that Manning exceeded his authorized computer access.

The defense also produced evidence some of the information Manning leaked was already publicly known before WikiLeaks published it. A defense expert witness Harvard communications law professor Yochai Benkler testified that WikiLeaks served a legitimate journalistic function in publishing leaked material.


Manning said in February he leaked the material to expose the U.S military's bloodlust and disregard for human life and what he considered American diplomatic duplicity. He said he chose information he believed would not the harm the United States and he wanted to start a debate on military and foreign policy.

Coombs portrayed Manning as a young naive but good intentioned soldier who was in emotional turmoil partly because he was a gay service member at a time when homosexuals were barred from serving openly in the U.S. military.


The release of the cables and video embarrassed the U.S. and its allies. The Obama administration has said it threatened valuable military and diplomatic sources and strained America's relations with other governments.

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Robin Thicke Blurred Lines Track By Track Review

Long a staple in the RB world Robin Thicke entered 2013 as an artist on the outer reaches of the pop landscape. While he wasn't entirely unknown to pop fans considering he's had four singles crack the Hot 100 all to often he was known rather condescendingly as a poor man's Justin Timberlake. But while Timberlake rolled out his 20/20 Experience comeback Thicke kept a low profile and introduced a new single Blurred Lines without the promotional assist of his label.

After its release on March 20 the words low profile would never describe Thicke's Blurred Lines again. First it gained viral status from its controversial boob laden music video and key synchs like a spot in a television commercial for Beats By Dre's Pill which aired heavily during the NBA playoffs. Its status became legitimate when it hit No. 1 on the Hot 100 on June 12 and hasn't fallen since. Thicke has since shared two additional songs from his forthcoming album For The Rest Of My Life an RB cut much closer to his trademark sound and the EDM heavy Give It 2 U which strays even further from his roots than Blurred Lines.

If it seemed like Thicke was setting up fans for an eclectic or more negatively scattered album then he's confirmed those suspicions with Blurred Lines out today (July 30). The album finds the 36 year old singer trying to take advantage of his newfound spotlight by striving to become the full fledged pop star he's never quite been.

How do his forays into dance and funk hold up alongside his familiar RB bedroom jams Billboard takes a track by track look at Blurred Lines.

1. Blurred Lines feat. T.I. and Pharrell Williams

Thicke leads with the reigning No. 1 song that placed him in the worldwide spotlight this year. Its video was criticized for being demeaning towards women its lyrics were called out for their alleged rapey ness but you'd be hard pressed to find a critic with ill will towards the song itself. Pharrell's playful minimalist electro funk beat was an old trick from his Neptunes songbook revived in the nick of time for 2013's song of the summer. It could have proved an interesting theme to weave throughout the album though Thicke chose a far more eclectic route.

2. Take It Easy On Me

If this one sounds a lot like a 2013 reboot of SexyBack well that's because it was produced by Timbaland making the Thicke Timberlake comparison unavoidable. Its electronic thump and patented Timbaland guest vocal stylings are a far cry from the more organic RB sound of his earlier work but since this is 2013 after all it's almost surprising Thicke hasn't ventured down this path before. But could he have at least channeled some present day Timberlake/Timbaland

3. Ooo La La

Here Thicke ventures back into familiar territory with a glossy bedroom ready RB joint that would have fit nicely on his last effort 2011's Love After War. Ooo La La employs a lavish studio treatment which serves it well as Thicke's feather weight vocals bask in multi tracked glory.

4. Ain't No Hat 4 That

Thicke edges further into his comfort zone with this jubilant disco soul romp which he co wrote with his father (actor Alan Thicke) and produced himself. This one's an absolute winner as Thicke lightens up and channels 70s dance floor indulgences without sounding like he's trying too hard.

5. Get In My Way

If Robin Thicke led an RB zumba class it would probably sound something like this. In all seriousness Get In My Way is begging to be made into a workout song which is the effect you get when singing Ain't nobody gonna get in my way I'm gonna make it no matter what you say over a jubilant horn section. By keeping the mood loose and funky this mid album sweep stays winning.

6. Give It 2 U Feat. Kendrick Lamar

Here's where a lot of Thicke's old fans will start scratching their heads and where years later we'll probably be thinking Give It 2 U sounds an awful lot like 2013 though not in the best way. On this club hopeful Dr. Luke gives an ill fated will.i.am impression while Thicke sounds about as lyrical as Pitbull spouting clich after clich (though the line I got a big dick for you is delivered so free of pretense it's actually kind of funny). Kendrick Lamar adds an uninspired verse which doesn't help matters much.

7. Feel Good

Feel Good is one that actually was produced by will.i.am. Give It 2 U is followed by another EDM tinged track though this time the light trance flourishes are understated enough to allow the song to breathe on its own. Meanwhile Thicke interrogates his lover a la 50 Cent in 21 Questions If I ran all out of money would you pay for me

8. Go Stupid 4 U

The acoustic guitar which played a much more intimate role in Thicke's previous efforts gets a reprise on this low key track which somewhat surprisingly was also produced by will.i.am. It's not one of the album's highlights but it's serviceable in lightening the mood after several dance tracks and bridging into the final 3 songs.

9. For The Rest Of My Life

Here's another one that's likely to win over Thicke's core fan base. It's a lovey dovey RB ballad with slow dance potential that tells the tale of two teenaged lovers Thicke and his wife actress Paula Patton whom he began dating at 16. On an album the singer has described as his least personal yet For The Rest Of My Life is an honest welcome change of pace.

10. Top Of The World

Thicke keeps the storytelling going with this rags to riches story of a female muse who's risen to power and wealth from her community college days yet still suffers from stress and loneliness. The music matches the good life feel of the lyrics with a smooth trombone and sax combo guiding the groove along.

11. The Good Life

The good life I know I made it Thicke sings triumphantly on this piano and strings number which sounds like a solid graduation ceremony number or in this case album closer. Another song written by Thicke it closes off a strong 3 song sequence on Blurred Lines. If only the whole album could have benefited from this continuity.

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Antigua official licensee for US Solheim Cup team

Junior PGA runners up take aim at 2013 title

Cameron Champ No. 6 in the Golfweek/Sagarin Junior Rankings is a Texas AM commit Samantha Wagner No. 17 in the Golfweek girls rankings is a Florida commit.

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Robin Thicke Excited Nervous About Release Of Blurred Lines LP

Robin Thicke went into the summer with an instant smash on his hands thanks to his buzzed about single and video for Blurred Lines.

Now he's ready for people to hear the other tracks he's cooked up for the July 30 album release of the same name even if he's feeling some last minute anxiety about sharing it with the world.

One minute I'm very excited the next I'm terribly nervous. Anytime you release your music or you put something out there that you care very deeply about you know you're always a little scared he told MTV News. But for the most part I'm always excited to give people my new music.

This album is an eclectic array of funky RB and groovy dance tracks slathered with Thicke's silky smooth persona. He worked with A listers like Timbaland will.i.am Pharrell T.I. Kendrick Lamar and 2 Chainz on his follow up to 2011's Love After War.

Despite some slightly naughty lyrics some of which reference his bedroom prowess he insists nothing on there should be too shocking to anyone not even his dad Growing Pains star Alan Thicke who crafted the tune Ain't No Hat 4 That with his son.

Well I don't think there's as much unexpected stuff as it is the different styles of music that I always try to represent. I never try to be just one thing or do one thing. I always try to mix up all different styles of music he said. And so I think sometimes people get surprised like 'Oh this doesn't sound like that last song.' Well this doesn't sound like the next song. So I think it's the good and bad that you can get something very fresh and never know what's coming next on my albums.

Justin Timberlake Vs. Robin Thicke Who's The Real Legend Of Summer

Thicke is dropping the album as the three times platinum Blurred Lines continues to sizzle. It's charted at 1 not only on Billboard's all encompassing Hot 100 chart but also on the Pop Songs and Hot RB/Hip Hop Songs charts. Thicke however has an interesting way of looking at the overwhelming and massive success of the track which comes six albums into his career.

It's so hard 'cause I've been making music for so long and people say 'How does it feel ' and I'm like 'It feels great.' But you know I guess after you've had this many ups and downs it's hard not to have perspective on it he said. I always try and remind my fellow peers that if you sell 10 million records that means 300 million people didn't buy it so a little perspective is in order.

Next up Thicke is set to shoot the video for Give It 2 U featuring Kendrick and 2 Chainz. It's being directed by Blurred Lines auteur Diane Martel in the coming weeks.

He's also up for three Moonmen at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. He'll be competing for Video of the Year Best Male Video and Best Collaboration. The show will take place on August 25 live from Brooklyn's Barclays Center.

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Senin, 29 Juli 2013

The Bachelorette recap Dramatic exit bombshell confession in part 1 of ...

The producers of The Bachelorette decided to drag out the finale into two weeks but after a shocking exit in Antigua during last night s episode it looks as though it may be worth it.

The week also known as Fantasy Suite Week started off quite normally. Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock took Drew Kenney to a local festival in Antigua for some dancing and shopping before offering him the chance to spend the night alone with her without any cameras a Bachelorette tradition when it is down to three suitors.

I m ecstatic Drew said. I don t want to ever give up time with you.

Des then took Chris Siegfried on a helicopter ride to nearby Barbuda Island for some fun in the sun.

His answer to the Fantasy Suite proposal I think that it s a great opportunity to spend more time with you.

At this point instead of cutting to the beginning of Brooks Forester s tropical date confused viewers watched an extended scene from his hometown date in Utah last week shortly after Brooks said goodbye to Des.

An obviously upset and conflicted Brooks told his family that he was having some doubts.

I love my relationship with Desiree and I keep wondering why it is that I m not at the stage yet to say to Desiree I love you. he said. The idea of proposing to her at the end of this makes me really uncomfortable.

Uh oh.

In an almost cruel parallel testimonial Des dished about how excited she was for her date with Brooks.

Even though I m falling in love with the other guys I still have deeper feelings for Brooks she said. I know that I am falling in love with him.

After arriving in Antigua Brooks invited Chris Harrison over to talk.

I don t feel like I ll regret this I think I ve come to a conclusion where I don t think that Des is the love of my life Brooks told the host. I gave it everything that I had and I love so many things about Desiree but I m not in love with her.

Meanwhile Des is telling the camera I m in love with Brooks and I miss him every day that I m not with him.

Brooks finally headed to the beach to meet an excited Des. Her smile quickly faded though after seeing his gloomy expression.

Brooks took Des to the dock and proceeded to do a lot of rambling. Des quickly understood what Brooks was getting at and her eyes filled up with tears.

I know what you re going to say she said sobbing.

It takes me a while when I see you again to remember what we have Brooks said trying to explain himself. I feel like I lose it.

Des managed to choke out a Why now to which Brooks responded that he always felt he needed more time so waited to make his decision.

I don t feel like the moments apart are hard enough he said.

In another bombshell Des admitted something that most Bachelorettes don t until the end of the finale that she is indeed in love with Brooks.

I love you I do Des said through tears. You re the only one that I could say that to. It sucks because for once in my life I was hopeful. It just sucks that I loved you. I do love you regardless.

Des confessed that she felt conflicted because she immediately developed feelings for Brooks and wanted to go on dates with him over other men.

I didn t want to share my heart I wanted to give it to you she said.

After several more minutes of crying Des walked Brooks out and then hysterically fled back to the dock.

Brooks couldn t make himself leave right away so he stayed and paced back and forth.

This is the worst day of my life he said. This is way worse than I thought this was going to be.

This throws everything off having Brooks gone Des said. It breaks my heart. I just can t love Drew and Chris as much as they love me and that s not what they deserve. Honestly for me it s over.


Part two of the unpredictable Bachelorette season finale airs next Monday at 8 p.m. ET. on ABC.

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Ecuadoran soccer player Christian Chucho Benitez dies at 27

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Tropical Storm Flossie takes aim on Hawaii

HONOLULU (AP) Residents and tourists across Hawaii are bracing for heavy rains and strong winds from Tropical Storm Flossie while the system weakened as it approached the state.

National Weather Service officials said they expect people on the Big Island and Maui to see the brunt of the storm by midday with wind gusts up to 60 mph possible flooding and waves up to 18 feet high.

The storm was about 90 miles northeast of Hilo as of 8 00 a.m HST (2 00 p.m. EDT). It's moving west at about 20 mph.

Flossie could also bring mudslides tornadoes and waterspouts the forecasters said.

For the folks on the Big Island and Maui if you're preparing your home you should be rushing those preparations to completion said Michael Cantin a warning coordination meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Honolulu.

By the time you get up in the morning the storm's going to already be there and you won't have any time he said.

The service on Sunday issued a tropical storm warning for Oahu Hawaii's most populous island with the city of Honolulu to go along with previous warnings for the Big Island Maui Molokai and Lanai. The warning means the storm represents a threat to life and property.

Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie signed an emergency proclamation in anticipation of the storm allowing the state to use its disaster fund to pay for staff overtime supplies and other resources. The proclamation also allows the state to call Hawaii National Guard members to duty if necessary.

Eight emergency shelters have opened.

The U.S. Coast Guard also closed three ports two on the Big Island where the storm is expected first and a third on Maui. College campuses and courts were also to be closed Monday on the Big Island.

Cantin said Sunday night that the system was weakening because winds in the higher levels of the atmosphere were beginning to move in more strongly disrupting the circulation of the storm.

Cantin said wind gusts will likely be able to knock down power poles and blow away loose objects. He said people should be careful of trying to walk or drive across water if floods happen.

It takes about 6 inches of water to knock you off your feet ... 12 inches to move a vehicle he said.

The service also issued a tropical storm watch for Kauai and Niihau a less severe notice asking people to make a plan and pay attention to see if things get worse.

Officials warned people to cancel beach trips finish necessary storm preparations and evacuate if asked by local officials.

Mike McCartney chief executive of the Hawaii Tourism Authority said some airlines have begun to adjust flights and visitors should double check plans.

Trails and campgrounds were also close on the Big Island where state officials warned people to avoid forest areas until Flossie clears.

It's not immediately clear which island faces the most danger though the Big Island the easternmost island in the archipelago is likely the first in Flossie's path. Flossie's center was expected to pass near the Big Island and Maui on Monday morning and then south of Oahu several hours later on Monday evening into Tuesday morning.

The storm is expected to drop 6 inches to 10 inches of rain with higher amounts on the eastern side and less on the western side of islands.

Waves of 12 to 18 feet are expected for the Big Island and Maui with surf of 10 to 15 feet on other islands.

Despite the system weakening the current forecast keeps Flossie as a tropical storm through Wednesday.

Meanwhile in the Atlantic the remnant of what was Tropical Storm Dorian is now a disorganized tropical rainstorm racing westward through the Caribbean according to AccuWeather.

The storm may press far enough to the northwest Wednesday night and Thursday to enhance showers and thunderstorms across South Florida including in Miami Key West and Fort Lauderdale AccuWeather meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski reports.

Contributing Doyle Rice USA TODAY

Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published broadcast rewritten or redistributed.

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Ecuadorian soccer player Christian Chucho Benitez dies at 27

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Two Heisman QBs one wild weekend

Two Heisman winners who make more headlines off the field than on it were at it again this weekend. But even by their standards they really outdid themselves.

GO DEEPER For true college football fun news analysis and more check out all the latest from Clay Travis at Outkick The Coverage.

Johnny Manziel just a week after being grilled at SEC Media Days about his extracurricular activities partied in Austin where he was kicked out of a Texas frat party and then turned up at another hours later in a Tim Tebow uni of all things.

Manziel the guy who told ESPN I would hope that I'm a better passer than Tim Tebow.

It looked like a classic middle finger to the critics Wearing the jersey of the guy people are saying he should be more like while continuing to play the Johnny Football way.

On Sunday he answered his critics again on Twitter

Last time I checked double digit win columns and championships are what matters.

Johnny Manziel ( JManziel2) July 28 2013

Just Win Baby

Johnny Manziel ( JManziel2) July 28 2013

And he even tweeted a pic of his Heisman to one particular hater.

RatzinmyPantz you're that mad bro pic.twitter.com/m4ubtqYo9h

Johnny Manziel ( JManziel2) July 28 2013

Tebow meanwhile hit the field with the Patriots for the first time late last week and threw some bad passes ran the ball well even caught some passes.

WHO SETS THE CURVE Check out the FOXiest fans from schools across the country and tweet us your photo.

He smiled answered questions politely affirmed his commitment to doing whatever the team needed expressed sorrow for the Aaron Hernandez situation and offered his prayers for the families involved.

And then he took the field and was heckled by fans.

And both QBs were shredded all over the Internet.

Did this weekend prove anything Nope. Did it show anything about the character and maturity of the two QBs Maybe. Will either be playing QB in the NFL a year from now Who knows

One thing's for sure Texas AM opens the season Aug. 31 New England on Sept. 8.

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The Most Embarrassing Fox News Interview

It s got plenty of competition but this may just be the single most cringe worthy embarrassing interview broadcast on Fox News. At least in recent memory. Fox News anchor Lauren Green had religious scholar Reza Aslan on her show Friday to talk about Zealot The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth his book that has been stirring up some online controversy recently. And right off the bat Green gets to what is important You re a Muslim so why did you write a book about the founder of Christianity Aslan seemed a little flabbergasted Well to be clear I am a scholar of religions with four degrees including one in the New Testament and fluency in biblical Greek who has been studying the origins of Christianity for two decades who also just happens to be a Muslim.

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Minggu, 28 Juli 2013

One Goal but Plenty for US to Celebrate in Gold Cup Final

Donovan was however both the driving force and the creative director behind the goal on Sunday as he has been for most of what his team has accomplished in the past few weeks.

In a scoreless game marked by sluggish play and a slow pace the United States broke through against Panama in the 69th minute when Alejandro Bedoya sent a centering pass toward the goal mouth. Donovan ran past the ball inadvertently pulling a dummy maneuver that froze goalkeeper Jaime Penedo and set up Brek Shea for a tap in goal.

I took a mighty swing at it and missed Donovan said.

The 1 0 victory secured the fifth Gold Cup title for the United States in front of an announced crowd of 57 920 at Soldier Field.

Just as this tournament marked Donovan s return it was an arrival of sorts for his coach Jurgen Klinsmann. The win was a record 11th in a row for the United States and earned Klinsmann his first trophy since he took over for Bob Bradley two summers ago a month after the United States lost to Mexico in the last Gold Cup final.

Klinsmann was not on the bench Sunday he was forced to watch from a suite after he was suspended for his ejection from Wednesday s semifinal win over Honduras. But he joined his players on the field after the game.

Watching the game was horrible he said. They gave me a nice Champagne shower.

Klinsmann added It s always nice to win a trophy. But we want to win in a way that you deserve it and this was the best team in the Gold Cup.

The United States had advanced to the final on the strength of a dynamic offense and an aggressive brand of soccer pushed by Klinsmann scoring a team record 19 goals in the tournament.

That pace and much of the flair was missing for most of Sunday s game. Perhaps it was Klinsmann s absence the inherent nerves that accompany a final or the opponent Panama and not archrival Mexico. There were many Mexico jerseys in the stands belonging to fans surely disappointed that their team had failed to advance.

The final was flat from the start and devoid of quality scoring chances until a DaMarcus Beasley cross in the 56th minute was headed wide by Donovan. Shea replaced Joe Corona in the 68th minute and scored less than a minute later. Panama had mounted little offense before Shea s strike it did not register a shot and that did not change after it.

What this victory means is debatable. As Klinsmann has said Concacaf is not the World Cup. It does ensure that the United States will play the winner of the 2015 Gold Cup for a place in the 2017 Confederations Cup. But only a few players from this squad are likely to be in Brazil for the World Cup next summer.

Donovan s status had been uncertain since he took a leave of absence from his club and the national team last year. After he was awarded the Golden Ball as the most valuable player of the tournament for his five goals and seven assists it was almost unthinkable that he would not be selected for next year s World Cup.

He earned every compliment he got this tournament Klinsmann said. Of Donovan s status for September s World Cup qualifiers he said There is a high probability he joins us.

Panama made its first appearance in a Gold Cup final since 2005 when the story lines were remarkably similar to Sunday s. Then the United States was without its coach Bruce Arena who was suspended after he was ejected from a semifinal win.

On that day the United States needed penalty kicks to defeat Panama at Giants Stadium. Ninety minutes were enough Sunday as the United States claimed its first Gold Cup since 2007. The Americans had lost the previous two finals to Mexico.

There was one negative Sunday. Stuart Holden who tore his anterior cruciate ligament in 2011 and then reinjured it when he tried to return later that year left in the 23rd minute after banging knees with Alberto Quintero. Klinsmann said Holden might have another serious injury.

Otherwise the Americans were looking forward.

This is not the end Donovan said. It s the end of the tournament but hopefully this is just the beginning for a lot of us.

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Johnny Manziel Addresses Criticism

ESPN's GigEmNation

ESPN.com's GigEmNation covers everything Texas AM including college football and recruiting. GigEmNationMore Recruiting news Blog

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David Kidd Kraddick Texas based radio and TV personality dies at 53

NEW ORLEANSLocal radio show host Kidd Kraddick of the popular radio show Kidd Kraddick in the Morning has died. Kraddick whose real name is David Peter Cradick 53 passed away Saturday in New Orleans at a golf tournament. The event was organized to raise money for his beloved Kidd's Kids charity.

The Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show is heard on more than 75 Top 40 and Hot AC radio stations and is a leader among most listened to contemporary morning programs publicist Ladd Biro said. The radio program also is transmitted globally on American Forces Radio Network while the show's cast is also seen weeknights on the nationally syndicated TV show Dish Nation.

The Dallas Morning News reported Kraddick had been a staple in the Dallas market since 1984 starting in a late night debut. The newspaper said he moved into morning show work by the early 1990s in that market and his show began to gain wider acclaim and entered into syndication by 2001 as he gained a following in cities nationwide.

More than a radio icon to many Kraddick had a reputation for helping children selflessly through his non profit work reports CBS affiliate KTVT in Dallas.

When Kidd came to town Ronald Reagan was just being sworn into his second term Danny White quarterbacked the Cowboys and Doug Rader managed the Rangers. Nobody compared to Kidd Kraddick. Nobody according to KLUV/98.7 FM morning host Jody Dean.

Kraddick founded his charity The Kraddick Foundation in '91. It's dedicated to helping impact the lives of children who have terminal or chronic illnesses or are accident victims. It consists of Kidd's Kids which takes a planeload of children (age 5 11) and their families to Walt Disney World for 5 days every November according to the non profit's website.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban set off a social media frenzy when he tweeted RIP Kidd Kraddick. You were an amazing man and a friend. You are already missed.

RIP Kidd Kraddick. You were an amazing man and a friend. You are already missed.

Mark Cuban ( mcuban) July 28 2013

There was an immediate outpouring of grief for the KISS FM ClearChannel Dallas YEA Networks mainstay after Cuban's tweet.

The parent company of the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show released the following statement All of us with YEA Networks and the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning crew are heartbroken over the loss of our dear friend and leader. Kidd devoted his life to making people smile every morning and for 21 years his foundation has been dedicated to bringing joy to thousands of chronically and terminally ill children.

Kidd passed away today in New Orleans at a golf tournament organized to raise money for his beloved Kidd's Kids charity. He died doing what he loved and his final day was spent selflessly focused on those special children that meant the world to him.

We ask that you respect the privacy of his family and his colleagues. At the appropriate time we will release more information about the cause of death.

Other broadcast professionals quickly expressed their grief about Kraddick's sudden and unexpected death.

I am deeply shocked and tremendously saddened by the news of Kidd's passing said Mark Hawkeye Louis of KSCS FM. He took the occupation of disc jockey to a level which we never imagined he continued. He was a true humanitarian. And to his nationwide following he was family... and tonight they are mourning him as they would a brother.

Kraddick's show aired throughout the U.S. and was seen on the Dish Nation TV show.

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Johnny Manziel Still Clowning Everyone On Twitter

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Johnson still UFCs lord of flies


John Moraga let Demetrious Johnson finish for once.

Johnson who was knocked for being boring and had his will to end fights questioned by Moraga defended his UFC flyweight belt Saturday night with a fifth round submission (armbar) at UFC on FOX 8 at KeyArena.

It didn t bother me at all Johnson said of Moraga s verbal jabs in recent weeks. My job at the gym is to train to finish. In the fifth round I knew I was ahead on the scorecards but I never just relax and try to coast. My job is to finish.

He just hadn t done it in nearly three years at least until he had Moraga in trouble near the cage late in the fifth round. Johnson s grip on Moraga s right arm tightened causing Moraga to tap out with 1 17 left.

Moraga paced and let out a few screams of anger before Johnson s arm was raised after his second successful title defense. He earned the Submission of the Night Bonus worth $50 000.

I was frustrated Moraga said. It was just a fight. He had more in certain areas and had me (in dangerous) positions longer than I needed to be. I was just (upset) about my performance.

Johnson who fought for the first time since a serious shoulder injury that required surgery controlled the opening rounds using quick takedowns to put Moraga on the defensive. Johnson had a guillotine choke applied but time expired in the first round before he had Moraga in serious trouble.

In total Johnson was successful in all 12 of his takedown attempts according to FightMetric.com. Johnson also landed 74.6 percent of his punches (112 of 150).

It was another stellar performance by the only champ the young 125 pound division has known.

I ve beaten the best of the flyweight division Johnson said. There are some up and coming fighters. There are some key matchups coming up and there are a couple flyweights I haven t fought.

Johnson also mentioned the possibility of heading back to bantamweight (135) or maybe some sort of super fight with a champ from a higher weight division.

I think everybody is focused on Anderson Silva and GSP Georges St Pierre and all those guys but I think we can make our own Super Fight in the lighter divisions Johnson said.


The trash talking between welterweights Jake Ellenberger and Rory MacDonald proved far more interesting than their co main event.

The fight remained upright for all but the closing minute of the three round bout as MacDonald jabbed his way to a unanimous victory 30 27 29 28 30 27. Boos echoed throughout the building even as the decision was announced.

I obviously look to finish fights but he s a good fighter so what can you do MacDonald said. I think I had him worried with the elbows because he didn t want to come near me after that. That wasn t my game plan but I accomplished what I needed to do.

MacDonald ran his winning streak to five fights but this may not have been the type of performance that would give him an automatic title shot in the division ruled for years by St Pierre.

When you got these fights where the guys talked (expletive) the fights always suck UFC president Dana White said. It was a highly anticipated fight that overshadowed the game event and it didn t live up to the hype.


Robbie Lawler continued to impress in his return to the UFC.

He battered Bobby Voelker who stepped in several days ago to replace an injured Siyar Bahadurzada throughout the first round opening a cut on the bridge of Voelker s nose early.

A kick to the side of Voelker s head in the opening seconds of the second round ended the fight as Lawler won his second UFC fight after an eight plus year absence.


Liz Carmouche who fell to Ronda Rousey in the debut of the UFC bantamweight women s division in February made history again. She earned a second round TKO victory (punches) in the first bout featuring two openly gay UFC fighters.

Carmouche spent much of the first round locked in a guillotine choke of Jessica Andrade. Andrade however was never able to ratchet it down before time expired in the first.

I felt safe Carmouche said. It (the hold) wasn t deep. She was over my chin. I just couldn t get my head loose. As tiny as she is getting my hands free was difficult.

From there it was all Carmouche. She pummeled Andrade with punches and nearly had a couple of submissions before the bout was stopped with a minute left in the second.

I really thought I had her in the first round Andrade said. In the second round my plan was to go in with my striking and try to hold her down. It just didn t happen.


The undercard was long on decisions especially of the split variety. Stoppages were rare by comparison but stunning.

Jorge Masvidal clamped down a d'arce choke as time ticked down in the second round against Michael Chiesa a lightweight bout that concluded the FX portion of the card. Chiesa tapped out with a second left in the round.

The loss for Chiesa was the first for the former Ultimate Fighter champion in 10 pro fights and it came in his home state no less.

Melvin Guillard who had lost two fights in a row and four of his last five used a left hand to drop Mac Danzig midway through the second round of their lightweight bout. Guillard followed with several more hammer fists before the bout was halted.

This win means a lot to me said Guillard who earned the Knockout of the Night bonus. It means I can put those two losses behind me. I can get back to winning and get back to the top five. There s no pressure as long as I m well prepared and train hard no one can beat me at 155. This is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

Yaotzin Meza beat John Albert via submission (rear naked choke) in the second round of the first preliminary fight of the afternoon.

Four of the first five fights on the undercard were deemed to be split decisions and a few of those cards had some odd scores. The four splits tied a UFC record for most in an event.

Daron Cruickshank defeated Yves Edwards by scores of 30 27 27 30 30 27 in their lightweight fight. Middleweight Ed Herman beat Trevor Smith by scores of 30 27 27 30 29 28 a bout that earned each fighters Fight of the Night bonuses.

There were different judges who ruled 30 27 in favor of the loser in those splits.

The 30 27 is just (expletive) ridiculous White said. This (record) isn t legit. Those weren t legit split decisions. At one point I was like Is somebody (expletive) with us right now ''

The other early splits included Justin Salas win over Aaron Riley (29 28 28 29 29 28) and Germaine de Randamie s victory over Julie Kedzie (30 27 28 29 29 28).

The only unanimous decision of the prelims was Danny Castillo s victory over Tim Means. That was scored 29 28 on all three cards. Means came in five pounds over the lightweight limit of 155 pounds and had to hand over 20 percent of his purse to Castillo.

He s a tough guy and he came in heavy Castillo said. I don t really have any excuses but he was tough. My performance wasn t what I planned it would be but I m happy because it s another win and I earned it.

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David Kidd Kraddick dies at 53

David Kidd Kraddick the high octane radio and TV host of the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show heard on dozens of U.S. radio stations has died at a charity golf event near New Orleans a publicist said. Kraddick was 53.

The Texas based radio and television personality whose program is syndicated by YEA Networks died at his Kidd's Kids charity function in the New Orleans suburb of Gretna on Saturday said publicist Ladd Biro in releasing a network statement.

He died doing what he loved said Biro of the public relations firm Champion Management speaking with AP by phone early Sunday. He said he had no further details on the death.

The Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show is heard on more than 75 Top 40 and Hot AC radio stations and is a leader among most listened to contemporary morning programs Biro said. The radio program also is transmitted globally on American Forces Radio Network while the show's cast is also seen weeknights on the nationally syndicated TV show Dish Nation he added.

All of us with YEA Networks and the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning crew are heartbroken over the loss of our dear friend and leader the network statement said. Kidd devoted his life to making people smile every morning and for 21 years his foundation has been dedicated to bringing joy to thousands of chronically and terminally ill children.

He died doing what he loved and his final day was spent selflessly focused on those special children that meant the world to him it added.

The Dallas Morning News reported Kraddick had been a staple in the Dallas market since 1984 starting in a late night debut. The newspaper said he moved into morning show work by the early 1990s in that market and his show began to gain wider acclaim and entered into syndication by 2001 as he gained a following in cities nationwide.

Kraddick would have turned 54 on Aug. 22 according to Biro.

The network statement said the cause of death would be released at the appropriate time.

Many fans celebrities included tweeted condolences and talked about the death on social media sites. One Texas radio station where he was a mainstay ran photographs on its website of Kraddick at the microphone.

Word of Kraddick's passing spread quickly via social media.

RIP Kidd Kraddick. You were an amazing man and a friend. You are already missed Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban tweeted.

Oh Man I just heard Kidd Kraddick died He's my childhood dj. What a sad day. His poor family. He was always nice 2 me from the beginning singer Kelly Clarkson tweeted.

Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers only recently announced as the headline act of a planned first ever Kidd's Kids charity concert in Dallas next month wrote The sad sad news about Kidd Kraddick is shocking. He will be missed greatly.

Richie Tomblin described as the head golf professional at the Timberlane Country Club in Gretna on its website told AP that Kraddick wasn't looking well when he saw him getting ready for Saturday's charity event.

He came out and he borrowed my golf clubs and went out to the driving range Tomblin told AP when contacted by phone. It's kind of a freaky situation. He came out. He practiced a little bit. He hit the ball at the first tee and wasn't feeling good and after that I didn't see him.

Tomblin said the hundreds of amateur golfers taking part went ahead with the event Saturday. He added he only found out afterward that Kraddick had died and he was still shaken about it.

I'm still trying to figure it out. I really don't know what happened. Everyone keeps texting me asking 'What's going on ' I really don't know said Tomblin.

He added he was reluctant to even touch the set of clubs Kraddick had borrowed Saturday for his practice swings.

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Sabtu, 27 Juli 2013

JJ Cale Musician and Songwriter Dies at 74

Mr. Cale suffered a heart attack and died at Scripps Memorial Hospital around 8 p.m. on Friday evening a statement posted on his Web site said.

He is best known as the writer of Cocaine and After Midnight songs made famous when they were recorded by his collaborator Eric Clapton.

A multi instrumentalist Mr. Cale often played all of the parts on his albums also recording and mixing them himself. He is also credited as one of the architects of the 1970s Tulsa sound a blend of rockabilly blues country and rock that came to influence Neil Young and Bryan Ferry among others. He won a Grammy Award in 2007 for an album with Mr. Clapton.

Basically I m just a guitar player that figured out I wasn t ever gonna be able to buy dinner with my guitar playing Mr. Cale told an interviewer for his official biography. So I got into songwriting which is a little more profitable business.

John Weldon Cale was born in Oklahoma in 1938. He recorded After Midnight in the mid 1960s according to the biography but had retreated to his native Tulsa and given up on the business part of the record business by the time Mr. Clapton covered it in 1970. He heard it on the radio that year he told NPR and I went Oh boy I m a songwriter now. I m not an engineer or an elevator operator.'

Mr. Cale released an album Naturally in 1972 to capitalize on that success and continued to tour and release new music until 2009. But he declined to put his image on any of his covers and kept his vocals low amid the instruments on his recordings. He developed a reputation as a private figure and a musician s musician while his songs were covered by Lynyrd Skynyrd The Band Deep Purple and Tom Petty among others.

I d like to have the fortune he said in his biography but I don t care too much about the fame.

This article has been revised to reflect the following correction

Correction July 27 2013

An earlier version of this article misspelled the first name of one of the musicians who was influenced by the Tulsa sound. He is Bryan Ferry not Brian.

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Radio personality Kidd Kraddick is dead

Multiple sources have confirmed to WFAA that radio and TV personality Kidd Kraddick has died.

He passed away in New Orleans Saturday at a fundraising event for his Kidd's Kids charity organization at Timberlane County Club in Gretna Louisiana.

Local law enforcement confirmed that Kraddick was taken to West Jefferson Medical Center in New Orleans on Saturday.

A staple of North Texas radio since 1984 he broadcast his nationally syndicated Kidd Kraddick in the Morning radio show from a studio at Las Colinas. It aired locally on KISS FM 106.1.

All of us at KISS FM Clear Channel Dallas YEA Networks and the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning crew are heartbroken over the loss of our dear friend and leader a statement from Clear Channel Dallas said late Saturday night. He died doing what he loved and his final day was spent selflessly focused on those special children that meant the world to him.

Kraddick was 53. The cause of his death was not released. Clear Channel said that information will be made available at the appropriate time.

Kraddick's family issued a brief statement asking that their privacy be respected in their mourning period.

KISS FM altered its usual format late Saturday to celebrate Kraddick's life by playing music and taking calls from listeners.

I can't believe this is actually happening one caller said. He's a part of everybody's family he makes people laugh.

In a bitterly ironic twist Kraddick did a radio segment just last week on what he would say to each member of the show in his final moments on earth as a comedy bit.

Watch Kidd's Final Words

Have you ever thought about those last moments of your life he asked his radio crew. Nobody wants a long lingering illness nobody wants just that but it would be nice if you could have a day or two where you know it's coming.

He then spent several minutes saying goodbye to each member of his on air staff.

When I die you have permission to take a bunch of creepy pictures of my body Kraddick said. I want to thank all of you guys for being at my deathbed today. I'm going to miss you so much.

The final message posted on his official Twitter account was a promotion for his Kidd's Kids charity concert at the House of Blues on August 15. The proceeds will be used to send children with chronic or terminal ilnesses to Disney World.

The news of Kraddick's death was greeted with disbelief on social media.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban offered his condolences You were an amazing man and a friend he wrote. You are already missed.

Regular fans were saddened as well. I have listened to Kidd for the last 25 years wrote Jackie Small Brown on Facebook. Morning radio will never be the same again.

Seems like I've just lost a friend Holli younger said on Twitter.

And Tucker McLendon tweeted I think Monday all radio stations should have a moment of silence for Kidd.

Kraddick was divorced and has one daughter. He won a number of awards including the Marconi Award for radio personality of the year in 2006.

WWL TV in New Orleans contributed to this report.

Deathbed Confessions Kidd's Final Words (recorded Monday July 22 2013)

Next article Girl dies after bicycle accident at Frisco park

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Tomorrowland 2013 Nervo Bassjackers Take Us Onstage For Day 1

BOOM Belgium Spirits were unsurprisingly high on the first day of Tomorrowland which kicked off officially on a rainy Friday.

With tickets having sold out at a rapid clip the 180 000 festivalgoers who snagged admission had every reason to be amped about gaining entry to Europe's largest EDM event. (Those lucky enough to board one of the 29 Tomorrowland themed flights that landed at the Brussels terminal got the festivities started early.) But dance fans that couldn't make it to Boom could still get in on the action as DJs and attendees shared their personal experience for friends and the world on their social feeds.

MTV News is on the ground and we got you a snapshot of some of the best moments from Day 1

With its 2013 theme pegged as The Arising of Life Tomorrowland was getting lots of love on kickoff day. We know this if only because of the sheer number of hearts that were included in tweets. (Even DJ Otto Knows showed his sweet side )


Otto Knows ( OttoKnows) July 26 2013

And we can't blame them The Tomorrowland grounds are incredibly beautiful as MTV News learned when Dimitri Vegas Like Mike gave us a sneak peek at the highly anticipated designs for the event's 15 unique fantasy themed stages. In fact with more stages than you can count on two hands the biggest problem for festivalgoers was probably choosing which DJ sets to attend.

We also spent a good chunk of the first day in the artists' compound speaking to acts like Afrojack Steve Aoki Nervo Hardwell Crookers and Ti sto. Aoki's record label Dim Mak even snapped a pic during our interview with him and shared it on their Instagram. The producer told us a little about a highly secret project that he can't wait to debut and we'll have more details on that soon.

The crowd frequently took to Twitter to share song lyrics and titles as they were being played. During Hardwell's set xLeSexy tweeted the lyrics Everybody f ing JUMP TomorrowLand and quevedilloJR shared the song title If I Lose Myself.

My mom asked me why am i jumping and dancing around the house i said because ITS TOMORROWLAND

Chris ( xLeSexy) July 27 2013

Fighting through an injury Nervo's Liv put on a high energy set alongside her twin sister Miriam. Fellow DJ R3hab even joined them to play some tunes.

Another DJ duo Bassjackers took us onstage where they showed us just how crazy the party was while playing at Afrojack's Jacked stage.

Ti sto thrilled the crowd during a set that included Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' Thrift Shop and hits from Avicii Calvin Harris Swedish House Mafia and more. The Dutch DJ mixed in some more top 40 with Bruno Mars' Locked Out of Heaven Icona Pop's summer smash and signature songs by an eclectic selection of acts like Kid Cudi and Oasis. Fans cooled down to party anthem after party anthem.

Thanks to Tomorrowland radio EDM fans can listen to the Main Stage sets live from home. And for those not able to attend as booyouwhores reminded us I'm not even mad that I'm not at TomorrowLand cause in 2 months ill be at TomorrowWorld. Tickets for the Chattahoochee Hills Georgia festival are still available.

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