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Two Heisman QBs one wild weekend

Two Heisman winners who make more headlines off the field than on it were at it again this weekend. But even by their standards they really outdid themselves.

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Johnny Manziel just a week after being grilled at SEC Media Days about his extracurricular activities partied in Austin where he was kicked out of a Texas frat party and then turned up at another hours later in a Tim Tebow uni of all things.

Manziel the guy who told ESPN I would hope that I'm a better passer than Tim Tebow.

It looked like a classic middle finger to the critics Wearing the jersey of the guy people are saying he should be more like while continuing to play the Johnny Football way.

On Sunday he answered his critics again on Twitter

Last time I checked double digit win columns and championships are what matters.

Johnny Manziel ( JManziel2) July 28 2013

Just Win Baby

Johnny Manziel ( JManziel2) July 28 2013

And he even tweeted a pic of his Heisman to one particular hater.

RatzinmyPantz you're that mad bro

Johnny Manziel ( JManziel2) July 28 2013

Tebow meanwhile hit the field with the Patriots for the first time late last week and threw some bad passes ran the ball well even caught some passes.

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He smiled answered questions politely affirmed his commitment to doing whatever the team needed expressed sorrow for the Aaron Hernandez situation and offered his prayers for the families involved.

And then he took the field and was heckled by fans.

And both QBs were shredded all over the Internet.

Did this weekend prove anything Nope. Did it show anything about the character and maturity of the two QBs Maybe. Will either be playing QB in the NFL a year from now Who knows

One thing's for sure Texas AM opens the season Aug. 31 New England on Sept. 8.

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