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Star Zimmerman prosecution witness Rachel Jeantel disappointed upset angry

The George Zimmerman prosecution's star witness Rachel Jeantel went on CNN's Piers Morgan Live Monday night and said she was disappointed upset and angry about the outcome of the trial and that Zimmerman was weak and scary and should have had the courage to testify to his own version of events.

Morgan asked Jeantel 19 how she felt about having been mocked for her speech and appearance in social media including apparently on an Instagram photo posted by defense attorney Don West's daughter.

She replied that she has a speech impediment caused by an underbite and also said she doesn't think people understand the world she and Trayvon Martin come from. Jeantel was the last person to talk to Trayvon a moment before the confrontation that ended in the 17 year old's shooting death on Feb. 26 2012.

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Zimmerman was found not guilty Saturday of second degree murder.

As for West who grilled her for hours on the witness said she said she could not give her opinion because her parents had raised her well.

He's lucky I'm a Christian Jeantel said.

During the interview Jeantel said Trayvon smoked marijuana a couple of times a week but it never made him violent.

Weed don't make him go crazy she said. It makes him go hungry.

Jeantel's hair which was pulled up with bangs during the trial was worn down during the interview and her makeup appeared softer. Her attorney sat beside her but did not speak.

Jeantel spoke deliberately and with humor at times admitting that she displayed some attitude on the witness stand.

She also said she has been grieving since the shooting and said death creep me out.

I don't do death at all Jeantel said. I told my parents I'm not going to their funerals.

Morgan asked Jeantel about the term creepy ass cracker that she testified Trayvon used to describe Neighborhood Watch volunteer Zimmerman as he followed the teen in Zimmerman's gated community.

Jeantel replied that in her neighborhood the term is cracka and it means a person who acts like a police officer.

Jeantel had suggested to Trayvon that Zimmerman might have been a rapist she said.

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