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Air Cargo Handlers at Chennai Airport turn Animal Custodians

Air cargo handlers in the Chennai Airport will likely be capable of add ‘expert animal custodians’ for their resumes, in this rate. Given typically the spurt in consignments of are living animals which have been flown in and away from the town during the past 3 many a long time, almost all the Airports Authority of India (AAI) workers became adept in ensuring in which animals are relaxed and safe prior to becoming loaded upon their flights.

Despite cargo motion getting dipped during the past 2 many a long time owing to an international downturn, storage and handling charges haven’t been hiked drastically from 2010 onward. “In the final 3 months alone, now we have managed are living consignments of greater than 10 racehorses and each of the handlers are actually happy while using approach that weve worked while using animals, ” mentioned an officer who handles cargo operations in the Meenambakkam Cargo Complex.

He extra in which there was a definite raise in the quantity of are living animal consignments in which Chennai is seeing, particularly in 2013.

As proof of how assured they have been inside the airline and cargo staff, typically the owners of seven thoroughbreds truly flew typically the horses in on a Lufthansa cargo plane from Frankfurt on January 9 and appreciated typically the staff for achieveing the animals ‘cleared’, sans red tape and delay.

Horses can be many of the largest animals flown in and out of every Chennai, however typically the cargo workers, who will be designed to seeing tonnes of cartons, crates, boxes and consignments, have observed a big portion on the animal kingdom presently. From a stray African Grey Parrot to crocodiles due to Madras Crocodile Bank, dogs of varying pedigrees to a very large number day-old chicks from Brazil, they’ve observed and managed all of these all, selecting up skills that the majority animal lovers might consider many a long time to bone up on. Tortoises, ocean horses and smaller rodents aren’t authorized to become imported or exported next time they’re found, cargo staff be required to report it to Customs officers right away.

“Dogs and horses are simply frightened when you are shut with their vacation boxes. So we enable typically the owners to remain together until precisely the same minute as soon as the sleeping medication kicks in and after that, they're properly sealed within. We don’t merely dump water and feed within however retain checking be it still stuffed till the animals are actually in typically the plane. Sometimes, they fall asleep in awkward positions whilst becoming loaded straight into the plane, therefore we change typically the cases these types of that they're relaxed, ” mentioned Prajesh*, a loader who has got worked there for about 23 many a long time. Most importantly, loaders additionally speak to typically the animals in soothing tones and don't enable others to tap their cages or jeer in all of these until they’re upon the plane, because it alarms typically the animals.

Though their ‘care’ on the animals is restricted to handling and processing possibly just before the animals are put upon a flight or once they’re offloaded and handed towards the owner, cargo officers state that they've grow to be foster folks typically, “On rare situations, a few animals are stuck right listed below while not correct paperwork therefore we be required to manage all of these. We can't merely abandon all of these as a result of their owners were careless, ” mentioned typically the officer. The most recent was in January 2013 when an African Grey Parrot was stuck with their maintain for 20 times because the owner didn’t have a very NOC due to quarantine station it also was finally deported to Dubai, “It was a really smart creature and is going to repeat any term you told it. It was quite common right listed below, ” he extra.

Despite all of this, NGOs and animal rights organisations have frequently maintained in which airport staff across typically the country have a very ‘lackadaisical’ mindset in the direction of are living animals. To guarantee that this type of incident didn’t happen once more as a typically the animals, typically the Customs Department in Chennai issued a circular last year stating in which no airline really should really agree to fly animals while not previous clearance from each of the agencies (wildlife, customs, quarantine). It was additionally created mandatory which the airlines be required to individually advise all agencies in which animals could well be arriving and guarantee that typically the owner/importer was waiting in another finish, “to ensure typically the animals didn’t be required to pay additional time in transit”

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New rules for shipping cargo on local routes put on hold

Bangalore : The govt has placed on maintain a brand new policy which gave first choice to ships created and registered in India to carry cargo on native routes when domestic fleet owners objected.
The actual policy alter, created in November, was aimed in serving to native shipbuilders.
“The make a difference has because been reviewed from the ministry of shipping keeping in read the actual representations created from the Indian National Shipowners Association (INSA), ” G. L. Singh, joint director of shipping development inside the directorate general of shipping (DGS), wrote inside a 30 December circular reviewed by Mint.

The actual country’s coastal trade is reserved for India-registered ships and international vessels could be employed to function in Indian territorial waters solely when native ships aren't accessible, which as well using the maritime regulator authorization.
Indian ships (these owned by Indian companies and registered in India although not essentially constructed inside the country) have the ideal of first refusal to match the bottom rate quoted using a international flagged ship inside a public tender and eliminate the contract, consistent with guidelines established by DGS, to develop the actual native shipping business.

In case the ideal isn't exercised, choice is assigned to foreign-registered ships constructed in Indian yards, followed by vessels bought by Indian voters, corporations or co-operative societies via a so-called vacant boat charter cum demise (BBCD) route, in which sequence.
The actual November policy alter added a brand new class of ships—Indian constructed, Indian flag vessels—that are eligible to obtain choice for the ideal of refusal for carrying Indian cargo. This class received the very first choice followed by another teams inside the sequence.
The actual alter inside the eligibility criteria was created to produce a reliable marketplace for native shipbuilders by incentivizing purchase of ships manufactured by Indian shipyards, mentioned a spokesman to the Shipyards Association of India, an business lobby.

This kind of a policy is followed in countries this kind of like the US, Brazil and Indonesia, the actual spokesman mentioned. The actual Jones Act inside the US mandates that each one goods transported by water in among US ports be carried on US flag ships which are built inside the US, owned by US voters, and crewed by US voters and US permanent residents.
“INSA has expressed reservations against new guidelines for doing exercises the ideal of first refusal, ” mentioned Umesh Grover, chief government officer from the native ship owners lobby. “We have nothing against Indian shipyards. ”
“Many native fleet owners that have invested cash to purchase ships based mostly on existing guidelines shouldn't suffer due to the policy alter, ” the actual chief government officer of the Mumbai-based shipping company mentioned, requesting anonymity.
A spokesman to the shipping ministry in Delhi mentioned INSA sought a lot of time for them to implement the actual new guidelines because of lack of adequate Indian-built, Indian-registered ships to carry cargo on native routes.

INSA was additionally opposed to providing last choice to BBCD ships among the many four classes, the actual ministry spokesman mentioned. “INSA mentioned which BBCD ships deliver economic worth to India simply since they engage Indian crew and spend taxes right listed below. The actual director general of shipping is asked to labor out a brand new sequencing for doing exercises the ideal of first refusal, ” the actual spokesman mentioned. “The choice that will put the actual new guidelines on maintain is really a retrograde stage, ” the actual spokesman to the Shipyards Association mentioned.

Indian shipbuilders happen to be facing a robust time because September 2008 when the worldwide liquidity crunch and also the recession cut need for trade and ships. A boom just before which had attracted companies for example Larsen and Toubro Ltd and Pipavav Defence and Offshore Engineering Co. Ltd to enter shipbuilding and led existing companies for example Cochin Shipyard Ltd, Bharati Shipyard Ltd and ABG Shipyard Ltd to expand capability.
Whilst business orders have nearly dried up, native shipyards are currently surviving on government-funded naval orders.

Cargo News : http://www.livemint.com/Companies/xZH1Qdo4e8XB8BAbGcsS7H/New-rules-for-shipping-cargo-on-local-routes-put-on-hold.html

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New study details cleaner ways to move cargo

Cargo News . From developing on-dock rail to creating electrical rail lines, there will be many cleaner methods to transfer goods across the state and curb the actual impact of pollution-spewing diesel trucks, consistent with a fresh study commissioned through the California Cleaner Freight Coalition.

The actual study, titled Moving California Forward : Zero and Low-Emissions Freight Pathways, information a few eco-friendly alternatives to making use of diesel trucks which might be a major lead to of diesel particulate issue, nitrogen oxide and greenhouse gas emissions.

“The charge of cleaning along the trucking and freight business in California is nothing compared onto the lost lives, elevated cancer risk, chronic respiratory conditions and also other prices Californians have shouldered for decades, ” Margaret Gordon on the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project mentioned in the statement. “Low-income communities, in specific, are paying with the health to permit the actual freight business to try and do business in California. ”

Jesse Marquez, government director of Californians to get a Safe Environment, that provided input upon the study, mentioned the actual report is really a user-friendly approach to enable the general public determine what various technologies are out there.

“We discovered in which in meeting along with nonappointive officers in which a lot of these people aren’t even nearly day on what’s occurring, ” mentioned Marquez, a Wilmington resident. “It’s to educate and tell the general public and legislators given that they don’t understand what’s occurring. ”

The actual coalition, created up of health, environmental and community teams, reported the actual technologies proposed inside the set up may be applied inside the coming decades when state legislators aid to back up and fund these people.

The actual small report discusses electrification engineering, for example plug-in hybrid, fuel cell and electrified freight shuttle, as the obvious way to lower pollutants. Using electrification engineering could lower tailpipe emissions by not less than ninety %.

The actual report additionally checked out on-dock rail — which might deliver goods right a boat to some train — in marine terminals being a method of considerably lowering emissions in the terminals.

Emissions may be reduced by 70 % when containers are moved immediately from ship to rail along with cleaner Tier 4 trains — the actual cleanest engine amount for trains — rather than trucking in which cargo to railcars, even though double-stacking cargo and putting these people upon the cleanest trains could curb emissions by a lot greater than 75 %, according onto the study.

Conjointly, creating rail lines for example the actual Alameda Corridor electrical could curb 94 to 99 % of emissions, according onto the study.

“We applaud the actual endeavours on the California Cleaner Freight Coalition to analyze potentialities for reduction of diesel emissions, ” Port of Los Angeles spokesman Phillip Sanfield mentioned. “In 2011, we made a Zero-Emission Roadmap while using Port of Lengthy Beach in which established a set up for testing and development of heavy-duty zero emission technologies in which can be utilized for port-related activities in the same close to upcoming. We look forward to continuing these endeavours and operating along using this coalition to accomplish these objectives. ”

Richard Cameron, managing director of Environmental Affairs and Setting up to the Port of Lengthy Beach, mentioned the actual port is firmly devoted to reducing harmful air pollution emissions from port operations.

“We’re deciding on considerable investment in infrastructure to increment ‘on-dock rail’ capability – a objective specifically identified inside the coalition’s report so that you can cut back truck trips, ” Cameron mentioned.

Cameron pointed onto the $83. 7 million Inexperienced Port Gateway, and that is realigning railroad tracks to feature on-dock rail capability for a few terminals in the port and also the port’s $1. 3 billion Middle Harbor project to link 2 aging terminals along with a fresh facility along with a lot greater than six times the actual on-dock rail capability.

“Our Clean Trucks Plan has cut diesel emissions by ninety % from drayage trucks, however we're additionally dealing with engineering companies to develop zero-emission drayage vehicles, ” he mentioned. “While the actual San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Motion Set up has resulted in significant air pollution reductions, zero-emission technologies likely provide the actual means that to obtain the actual port’s goals for even cleaner air. ”

Author :  Karen Robes 

Cargo News | http://www.presstelegram.com/environment-and-nature/20140121/new-study-details-cleaner-ways-to-move-cargo

Air cargo industry must train next generation of managers

The actual air cargo business should act to fulfill the actual educational wants of subsequent generation of managers to the worldwide airfreight business, consistent with the actual outcomes of the two-year analysis project.

An activity force led by The actual International Air Cargo Association along with energetic participation coming from the International Air Transport Association and also the International Federation of Freight Forwarder Associations revealed the actual outcomes.

The last report and accompanying educational demands matrix has been created accessible with the respective web sites from the collaborating organizations. Additionally it may be viewed right listed below.

The actual job force concluded which managers not solely should have fundamental skills and detailed operational understanding, but additionally the actual so-called “higher skills, ” that embrace leadership, team-building and market and monetary analysis techniques.

Whilst various coaching programs can be found to train the actual fundamental skills, the actual availability of air-cargo-focused programs which train these higher-level skills is restricted.

The actual researchers agreed the business as an entire should address this deficiency to ensure it maintains the lengthy history of innovation and monetary robust performance. The actual prospective to the creation of the certificated and preferably accredited plan may assist during this objective. Included in the effort, the actual job force compiled a comprehensive educational matrix identifying existing courses and locations of deficiency.

The actual report stresses which while not admittance to this kind of programs, the actual air cargo business faces the extra problem of attracting and equipping qualified flair to lead the actual business through long term challenges. An additional consequent risk while not this kind of an providing is that the loss of rising managers with other sectors from the logistics business or with other industries as workforce dynamics turn out to be a lot of fluid.

Each things might place the actual air cargo business with a competitive leadership drawback.

As implications and job force recommendations are reviewed from the organizations, a series of subsequent actions will certainly be established, as well as the actual creation of targeted courses included in a comprehensive plan addressing the actual wants of subsequent generation of worldwide air cargo business managers.

Cargo News | source :  http :// www. aircargoworld. com/Air-Cargo-World-News/2014/01/air-cargo-industry-must-train-next-generation-managers/6089#sthash. 1sw1lii8. dpuf

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FedEx logs flights to Nanaimo

Nanaimo Airport can soon be celebrating the actual arrival of an additional air carrier. 

FedEx announced Thursday which it'll begin flying cargo from Nanaimo Airport in early February. 

The actual Nanaimo every day flights are section of the company’s investment in facilities and flight service upgrades across Western Canada. 

Till currently, the corporate trucked shipments to and coming from the Island to the transfer station upon the Lower Mainland. 

Direct flights can profit businesses and on-line shoppers across the actual Island. 

“We notice a chance to enhance our solutions with these consumers by flying our shipments in and allowing for previously and later pick-up and drop-off windows, ” mentioned James Anderson, FedEx spokesman. 

The corporate is keeping the quantity of business it anticipates coming from the Island – in terms of cargo volume and revenue – and also the factors at the rear of beginning the actual service near the vest, however the actual aircraft assigned to inaugurate the actual service will certainly be a fairly tiny Cessna 208 Caravan. 

Anderson mentioned whenever FedEx invests inside a regional market, it's in the prospects for growth during the coming 20 many a long time. 

“We’ve designed a series of investments, not simply in Western Canada, however across Canada, in terribly strategic areas in which the economic conditions and also the state from the economy is emerging so we begin to see the prospect for those to grow in which market, ” Anderson mentioned. “That’s the actual motivator for those to become coming to Nanaimo. ” 

The actual Cessna Caravan is a little aircraft when compared with the actual company’s giant jet air freighters, however still a big investment for the corporate, Anderson mentioned. 

“There’s lots of operations about it and we’re in the event of providing infrastructure for the, thus it’s certainly not something we consider gently, ” he mentioned. 

The actual service can get started by one flight in you flight out Nanaimo Airport for each day. 

Air Canada Regional Airlines, DHL Courier, Dynamex Courier and Purolator Courier will also be outlined on Nanaimo Airport’s web site as air cargo handlers in the airport. 

source : http://www.nanaimobulletin.com/news/240845041.html

Crew of Sinking Cargo Ship Rescued in Pacific

Cargo News. Twenty-four crewmembers are safe when abandoning ship around 440 miles west of Guam Monday. 

In 8 a. m. Sunday, watchstanders in the Coast Guard Sector Guam Command Center obtained report of flooding coming from the 500-foot cargo ship Rich Forest. 

The actual ship, carrying logs enroute to China, experienced flooding inside the engine area and subsequent loss of propulsion. The actual Chinese crew reported the actual vessel was taking on 160 plenty of water for each hour and generators had failing. 

Coast Guard watchstanders in Guam identified four merchant vessels to supply assistance beneath the Automatic Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue Method. 

The actual Coast Guard Cutters Assateague and Sequoia were deployed from Guam however were 18 hours away. 

In 1 : 21 p. m., the actual Rich Forest’s crew entered lifestyle rafts and abandoned ship. 

In 4 : 40 p. m., the actual AMVER Vessel CS Sunshine completed the actual rescue of all survivors from lifestyle rafts and safely introduced all of these aboard while not incident. The actual crew from the Rich Forest will certainly be taken aboard the actual Assateague once it arrives on scene. The actual CS Sunshine can continue on to the subsequent port of contact in Japan. 

The actual Rich Forest continues to be unpowered and adrift. The actual Coast Guard will certainly be issuing a broadcast notice to mariners to warn any ships inside the space from the hazard to navigation and also to report the actual area from the adrift vessel. 

AMVER, sponsored from the United States Coast Guard, is really a distinctive, computer-based, and voluntary international ship reporting method used worldwide by lookup and rescue authorities to rearrange for assistance to individuals in distress in ocean. Along with AMVER, rescue coordinators can determine collaborating ships inside the space of distress and divert the actual best-suited ship or ships to respond. Just before sailing, collaborating ships deliver a sail intend to the actual AMVER pc center. Vessels then report each 48 hours till arriving in their port of contact. This knowledge has the capacity to project the positioning of each and every ship in any purpose throughout the voyage. Inside an emergency, any rescue coordination center can ask for this knowledge to work out the actual relative place of AMVER ships close to the distress area. On any given day there will be more than 3, 700 ships accessible to carry out lookup and rescue solutions. 

cargo news | source : http://www.maritime-executive.com/article/Crew-of-Sinking-Cargo-Ship-Rescued-in-Pacific-2014-01-20/

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Cargo Ship Which Reported Fire In Hold Docks At Dodge Island

MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Crews off-loaded a large number of cargo containers given by a 650-foot ship as firefighters stood-by in the Port of Miami Sunday, able to walk into your risky condition following a hearth broke out beneath deck. 
The actual cargo ship that reported a hearth in one among their holds late Saturday docked in Dodge Island Sunday. 

Miami-Dade Hearth rescue mentioned the actual hearth started inside the hull from the nearly 34-thousand ton cargo ship close to flammable materials that can have caused a significant explosion. 
Miami-Dade firefighters and divers assisted the actual U. S. Coast Guard Sunday afternoon and removed many of the containers upon the ship. They opened the actual maintain and sent firefighters in to work out when the hearth remains burning and in that case, to what extent. 

“We have 19 Miami-Dade hearth rescue units together with the actual Coast Guard making an attempt to work out extent of the hearth, ” mentioned Arnold Piedrahita of Miami-Dade Hearth. 
Divers can examine the actual ship’s hull to discover in case the warmth coming from the hearth caused any injury. The actual Coast Guard has found out a safety zone all around the ship to stay boaters away. 
Late Saturday, the actual Coast Guard mentioned they had been still trying to work out just what was happening aboard the actual Leda Trader, a Liberian flagged vessel which operates from Port Everglades. In that point the actual ship was around 10 miles off Key Largo. 

The actual ship was sure for Costa Rica from Port Everglades once the hearth was detected and that they were forced to rush to Port Miami. 
A supply monitoring the actual incident told CBS4’s Jim DeFede the actual ship’s 16-member crew reported the actual hearth suppression gear was activated and that they'd sealed from the cargo maintain however heat sensors advised the actual hearth was still energetic. The actual ship had asked for hearth crews for assistance. There have been no reports of injuries. 

When removing the actual cargo and getting into the actual ship hazardous materials crews found the actual flames were currently extinguished. 
The actual Leda Trader is really a 656-foot-long container ship constructed in 2000 which has a gross weight of 33, 917 tons. 

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Combined cargo traffic at ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach surprisingly strong in 2013, economist says

Goods motion with the nation’s busiest seaport complicated posted much better than anticipated leads to 2013, a sign the actual economy is finally upon the mend, a prime economist mentioned Wednesday.

Whilst cargo in the Port of Los Angeles was down in 2013, powerful growth there more than the final 2 months, mixed along with steady improvement in the Port of Lengthy Beach meant the complicated reported a 3 % improve in general cargo.

Ferdinando Guerra, international economist using the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp. and also a participant in the actual District Export Council of Southern California, credited a robust peak period and second half from the year.

“I’m pleasantly surprised, ” he mentioned. “No one could afford foreseen this kind of a robust November and December. Which means retailers are expecting stronger revenue to begin with section of 2014. It’s terribly encouraging. ”

The actual Port of Lengthy Beach, that released the preliminary numbers Wednesday, moved concerning 4 % a lot of cargo last month compared along with December 2012.

The actual port moved concerning 6. 73 million container units in 2013, an 11 % jump from 2012, creating 2013 the actual third-busiest year inside the port’s history, spokesman Art Wong mentioned. The very first and second busiest many a long time were in 2006 and 2007, once the port moved greater than 7 million units, he mentioned.

At the same time, in the Port of Los Angeles, container volumes for December jumped 11. 09 % compared along with December 2012, variety the actual port attributes to shippers seeking to maneuver goods prior to factories shutter to the Chinese New Year festivities.

Container volumes in the Port of Los Angeles dipped 2. 59 % to 7. 87 million units in 2013 compared along with 2012.

Still, Los Angeles port officers are encouraged.

“L. A. finished the actual year powerful, notably the final 2 months, and it is seeking to develop regarding that in 2014, ” port spokesman Phillip Sanfield mentioned.

Mixed, the actual twin ports show a robust growth of 3 to 4 % for 2013, along with imports up 3. 9 % and exports by 1. 2 %, Guerra mentioned.

“All indicators purpose to a robust 2014, ” Guerra mentioned. “The international condition is basically improving, Europe is released of the recession, and there’s bigger growth in Japan, Korea and Japan. ”

Concerning 75 % of all containers coming in and from the twin ports are associated with China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, along with most of the associated with China, Guerra mentioned.

There is likewise growth in Southeast Asian countries, particularly in Vietnam.

Guerra mentioned Vietnam can play a much bigger role in international trade as production of attire moves from China to Vietnam.

Whilst short-term growth seems to become powerful, long-term growth can depend upon key trade problems in subsequent few many a long time, as well as the actual expansion from the Panama Canal, Guerra mentioned.

Get in touch with Karen Robes Meeks in 562-714-2088.

cargo news :  http://www.presstelegram.com/general-news/20140115/combined-cargo-traffic-at-ports-of-los-angeles-long-beach-surprisingly-strong-in-2013-economist-says

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Cygnus cargo ship successfully attached to space station

A business cargo ship loaded along with nearly 1. 5 plenty of provides and gear was captured from the International Area Station's robotic arm early Sunday and attached with a docking port, wrapping up a complicated however problem-free rendezvous. 

The actual Orbital Sciences Cygnus cargo craft, launched Thursday from Wallops Island, Va., was captured by arm operator Mike Hopkins in 6 : 08 a. m. EST (GMT-5) like the 2 spacecraft sailed 260 miles higher than the actual Indian Ocean. Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata then maneuvered the actual spacecraft towards the Earth-facing port from the forward Harmony module exactly in which motorized bolts locked it into location in 8 : 05 a. m. 

Named following the late astronaut and check pilot C. Gordon Fullerton, the actual Cygnus cargo ship is filled with 2, 780 pounds of spare elements, crew provides and experiment hardware, as well as 23 experiments involving greater than 8, 600 elementary, junior higher and highschool students inside the United States and Canada. 

An " ants in area " payload can offer students and chance to study behavioral differences in among ants in normal gravity and people inside the weightless environment of area. Some other experiments can study the actual biology of drug-resistant bacteria and just how liquids simulating rocket fuel slosh about in weightlessness. 

Together with on-board science, the actual Cygnus is delivering greater than 2 dozen tiny " cubesat " satellites, as well as a fleet of 23 " Dove " satellites constructed by Planet Labs of San Francisco that could monitor the worldwide environment. 

A crowd-funded cubesat provided by Southern Stars, additionally of San Francisco, can enable the general public to transmit " tweets from area " that may be picked up by amateur radio operators. Users additionally can ask for Earth images coming from the satellite. 

Additionally on board : belated holiday gifts to the station crew. The actual Cygnus capsule originally was scheduled for release prior to Christmas, however the actual flight was pushed into January when NASA ran into issues using the area station's cooling method. 

This is actually the first operational station resupply mission performed by Orbital Sciences with a $1. 9 billion contract along with NASA calling for a minimum of eight flights and delivery of 40, 000 pounds of cargo and provides. 

The actual Cygnus captured Sunday can stay linked with the area station till mid February. In which purpose SpaceX can stage up along with release of the Dragon cargo ship about Feb. 22. It is going to be the actual third operational resupply flight by SpaceX, that holds a $1. 6 billion contract to provide greater than 44, 000 pounds of provides more than a dozen missions.

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Etihad closes 2013 with double-digit passenger, cargo growth

Dubai : Etihad Airways’ growth strategy to expand the world network by purchasing equity stakes in international airlines gained a improve on Monday. 

The actual Abu Dhabi-based carrier mentioned within a statement that will the equity and codeshare companions delivered 1. 8 million passengers onto Etihad flights in 2013, 38 for each cent over typically the 1. 3 million typically the preceding year. 

Last year, Etihad took a 24 for each cent equity stake in Indian carrier Jet Airways and 49 for each cent in Air Serbia, formally Jat Airways. It signalled the intent to bring a 33. 3 for each cent stake in European carrier Darwin Regional that will will certainly be rebranded Etihad Regional subsequent regulatory approval. 

“If you use the Darwin Airline investment in isolation that may seem to become an experiment in competing along with the Middle East rivals by providing intended connections through Etihad routes to and from smaller cities in Europe exactly where the others don't fly, ” David Bentley, Principal in UK-based Huge Pond Aviation, told Gulf Information inside an e-mailed statement. 
The actual longevity of such investments is unclear, but, Etihad, who Bentley stated is potentially the foremost innovative airline inside the world these days in equity partnerships, is traveling the personal growth. 

In 2013, typically the airline carried nearly 12 million passengers on the fleet, nearly 16 for each cent higher than typically the 10. 3 million in 2012. And along with it carried 73 for each cent on the 16. 4 million passengers that will arrived, transferred and departed through Abu Dhabi International Airport. Add typically the equity companions which rises to 79 for each cent. 
Bentley stated Etihad’s natural and organic growth, that's impressive in the personal appropriate, can stay typically the major issue inside the immediate upcoming within the equity partnerships. 

And by growing the personal network, typically the airline additionally extra six new destinations to the network last year, along with new expert products and services launched to Washington DC, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Belgrade, Sana’a and Ho Chi Minh Town. 

Commenting upon the airline’s growth, James Hogan, Etihad Airways President and Chief Government Officer, within a statement referred to as 2013 as “another game-changing year”. “I am enthusiastic about what the longer term holds and appear forward to operating for any our companions to maximise typically the return for our particular shareholder, allow typically the continued growth and also the evolution of Abu Dhabi as being an aviation hub, ” he stated. 

Cargo growth 

Etihad Cargo, typically the airline’s cargo arm, additionally grew in 2013. A 32 for each cent year-on-year improve in cargo volumes saw 486, 753 tonnes of freight and mail flown via the airline last year. 

And of total cargo imports, exports and transfers in Abu Dhabi International in 2013, Etihad accounted for 89 for each cent. 

Etihad stated that will China, Hong Kong and India were the high cargo markets whilst expanding markets inside the United States and also the Netherlands additionally contributed. 

“Bellyhold freight capability plays a key role if you receive dedicated hub complexes got wind of for passengers as each tiny consignment or parcel is bonus extra income for fairly very little handling price tag, ” Bentley stated. 

That will airline stated that will the volumes were boosted by enhancements to the freighter fleet capability and larger cargo inside the bellyhold of passenger aircraft. 

It extra 2 Boeing 777 freighters, a leased 747-8 freighter and an Airbus A330 freighter to the fleet in 2013. The passenger fleet expanded along with four A320s, one A321, 2 A330-200s and six 777-300ERs. 

By Alexander Cornwell Staff Reporter

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Senegal to impound Russian fishing vessel cargo, levy penalty against owner

The particular Senegalese authorities intend to impound the particular cargo in the detained Russian fishing vessel, The particular Oleg Naydenov, and levy a penalty against the particular trawler owner for illegal fishing. The particular information is reported through the ITAR-TASS information agency along with reference to some statement by Senegal’s Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs, Haidar el-Ali.

The particular Minister claims which the trawler was engaged in illegal fish-catching off Senegal’s coast. The particular vessel is presently “in the particular hands in the Senegalese government underneath the observation in the Navy and national gendarmerie”.

The particular African republic’s authorities may “impound the particular fishing gear and also the vessel's cargo, and apply a penalty of a 305, 000 Euros. Given even if which The particular Oleg Naydenov is really a repeat offender ship, we will double the particular good to 610, 000 Euros”, Haidar el-Ali additional.

The particular ITAR-TASS information agency reports along with reference to some statement through the Russian Federal Fisheries Agency which the worth in the catch and fish products aboard The particular Oleg Naydenov might create up a few $540, 000.

ITAR-TASS quotes a supply inside the Fisheries Agency as stating which the Agency representative Alexander Biryukov is going to hand be aware of protest onto the Senegalese authorities.

The particular note details out the particular inadmissibility of moves which the Senegalese military created throughout the detention in the ship, plus the would like for talks to attain a bilateral arrangement upon the issue.

Senegal’s Army insists which the Russian fishing vessel was detained for allegedly fishing illegally in Senegal’s territorial waters, the particular AFP information agency reports, along with reference to some statement through the Senegalese Army spokesperson, Adam Diop.

However the particular Russian Embassy in Dakar has told the particular RIA-Novosti information agency which the Senegalese authorities have therefore far failing to press any charges against the particular crew in the Oleg Naydenov fishing vessel, therefore the crewmembers could be released participating in a settlement in the condition.

The particular diplomat told the particular information agency which the vessel could be established totally free of charge when official claims are presented other then up to now no claims are advanced, he went on, adding that each one crewmembers are alive and kicking, and haven't complained regarding something.

The particular Oleg Naydenov has currently been associated with an analogous scandal. In 2012, the particular fishing vessel crew was accused of catching fish illegally. The particular Greenpeace environmental organization alleged which the vessel were catching fish unlawfully over the African coast.

However the particular press service in the Russian Federal Fisheries Agency distinguished inside a comment which the environmentalists’ activities have very extended considering that deserved shut consideration. Its rather simple to taint one’s image, denigrate one’s very fine name and stay unpunished by sheltering at the rear of the particular ought to secure the particular environment, the particular press service mentioned.
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Browse additional : http :// voiceofrussia. com/information/2014_01_06/Senegal-to-impound-Russian-fishing-vessel-cargo-levy-penalty-against-owner-3532/
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