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Senegal to impound Russian fishing vessel cargo, levy penalty against owner

The particular Senegalese authorities intend to impound the particular cargo in the detained Russian fishing vessel, The particular Oleg Naydenov, and levy a penalty against the particular trawler owner for illegal fishing. The particular information is reported through the ITAR-TASS information agency along with reference to some statement by Senegal’s Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs, Haidar el-Ali.

The particular Minister claims which the trawler was engaged in illegal fish-catching off Senegal’s coast. The particular vessel is presently “in the particular hands in the Senegalese government underneath the observation in the Navy and national gendarmerie”.

The particular African republic’s authorities may “impound the particular fishing gear and also the vessel's cargo, and apply a penalty of a 305, 000 Euros. Given even if which The particular Oleg Naydenov is really a repeat offender ship, we will double the particular good to 610, 000 Euros”, Haidar el-Ali additional.

The particular ITAR-TASS information agency reports along with reference to some statement through the Russian Federal Fisheries Agency which the worth in the catch and fish products aboard The particular Oleg Naydenov might create up a few $540, 000.

ITAR-TASS quotes a supply inside the Fisheries Agency as stating which the Agency representative Alexander Biryukov is going to hand be aware of protest onto the Senegalese authorities.

The particular note details out the particular inadmissibility of moves which the Senegalese military created throughout the detention in the ship, plus the would like for talks to attain a bilateral arrangement upon the issue.

Senegal’s Army insists which the Russian fishing vessel was detained for allegedly fishing illegally in Senegal’s territorial waters, the particular AFP information agency reports, along with reference to some statement through the Senegalese Army spokesperson, Adam Diop.

However the particular Russian Embassy in Dakar has told the particular RIA-Novosti information agency which the Senegalese authorities have therefore far failing to press any charges against the particular crew in the Oleg Naydenov fishing vessel, therefore the crewmembers could be released participating in a settlement in the condition.

The particular diplomat told the particular information agency which the vessel could be established totally free of charge when official claims are presented other then up to now no claims are advanced, he went on, adding that each one crewmembers are alive and kicking, and haven't complained regarding something.

The particular Oleg Naydenov has currently been associated with an analogous scandal. In 2012, the particular fishing vessel crew was accused of catching fish illegally. The particular Greenpeace environmental organization alleged which the vessel were catching fish unlawfully over the African coast.

However the particular press service in the Russian Federal Fisheries Agency distinguished inside a comment which the environmentalists’ activities have very extended considering that deserved shut consideration. Its rather simple to taint one’s image, denigrate one’s very fine name and stay unpunished by sheltering at the rear of the particular ought to secure the particular environment, the particular press service mentioned.
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