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An-12 cargo plane crashes, killing nine in Russia

MOSCOW, Dec. 26 (Xinhua) -- An An-12 cargo plane crashed in Russia's Southern Siberia, killing 9 folks onboard, native emergency authorities mentioned Thursday.

" The particular plane en route from Novosibirsk Yeltsovka airport (in Southern Siberia) crashed throughout landing in Irkutsk-2 airport, " an official within the emergency service from the Siberian Federal District told typically the Interfax information agency.

Stays of 5 folks killed within the incident are recovered from beneath the debris, according into your supply with all the Emergency Things Ministry's Irkutsk branch.

Six from the 9 folks aboard typically the cargo plane were crew members and one other 3 were officers accompanying typically the cargo.

The particular Russian Investigative Committee confirmed the incident took spot within the territory associated with an army unit near to the railway station of Batareinaya.

Per typically the Defense Ministry, typically the crash from the cargo plane damaged typically the higher elements of 2 warehouses, however caused no new casualties in the mud.

The particular Investigative Committee's spokesperson Vladimir Markin mentioned a criminal case has actually been opened during the crash on charges of violating air traffic policies.

The particular An-12 aircraft, registered as being an experimental aviation plane, belonged with an aircraft factory. Finally it was mentioned being transporting spare elements towards the Irkutsk aircraft repair foundation until that air crash took spot.

Intended within the Soviet era, typically the An-12 plane is really a four-engine civil and military transportation aircraft.

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