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Cargo manifest just as important as passenger list

GEORGE TOWN (March 11) : While concentrate on the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight MH370 has actually been upon the passenger manifest, what MH370 was carrying in it is cargo is simply as necessary.

A freight business skilled mentioned even if typically the passenger manifest needed scrutiny, typically the cargo manifest record conjointly begs equivalent interest.

The skilled, a former International Air Transport Association (IATA) official, mentioned all airplanes have a very cargo manifest document that will indicates the sort of cargo which is carried.

" Through typically the cargo manifest document, typically the investigators can easily additional scrutinise typically the load by watching typically the airway bill that shows the particular commodity, typically the shipper in case any dangerous goods were on board.

" The airway bill conjointly indicates hidden dangerous item including spare components that will incorporate lubricant or fuel that may be flammable or explosive. These factors may also lead harm towards the aircraft.

" Therefore, ruling out static influence such as the cargo load is really as necessary as ruling out typically the passengers' flight manifest, " he mentioned.

He cited a 1996 instance of US inbound flight ValuJet 592 killing all 110 together with 5 crew members when it crashed inside the Everglades, Miami as a result of a hearth caused by improperly stored oxygen generators.

He mentioned although there are many non-fatal cases the place dangerous cargo have led to harm and compromised typically the safety relevant to an aircraft, typically the disappearance of MH370 really should really conjointly choose upon the hand of cargo contents.

He additional that will though an explosion inside the cargo space can easily lead to mechanical failure and end in each engines failing, typically the aircraft has the capacity to continue flying for an additional 20 to half-hour.

" During this era, typically the pilot has the capacity to mail a distress phone. The Boeing 777 is really a safe plane along with hardly any incident for the previous 19 several yrs. It can be fitted having a transponder that will enables typically the plane being tracked.

" It takes many effort to disengage typically the transponder. My personal opinion will be the pilot may contain done it below duress ; typically the plane was shot down or an implosion on board.

" The plane can also happen to be hijacked as a result of the cargo the flight was carrying, " he mentioned.

However he additional that will in 20 several yrs in aviation he is well known regarding his recognised MAS to undertake a superb safety record.

" But human error can not be ruled out. It just takes one oversight, " he additional.

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New port locomotives are efficient, expected to move more cargo

Cargo News -- By next month, two new, high-efficiency railroad engines will be at work at Manatee County's port. They'll use up to 65 percent less diesel fuel than the port's previous engine, and are expected to emit 80 percent less nitrous oxide gas.

Think of them as the Toyota Prius of locomotives, except they cost $1.5 million each.

They are the first brand new locomotives to go to work on the port's 7 miles of track. They come online as Port Manatee negotiates to bring in more products that require train cars to move them between ships in the port's 13 berths and the CSX rail yard just off port property. The first one began operating in January. The second, expected to arrive next month, is en route from Indiana.

Both are N-Vironmotive 2GS-14Bs, built by National Railway Equipment Company.

The port had been operating on borrowed time for the past three years, pulling all train cars in its rail yard with a single engine purchased for $250,000 in 2010. That engine, built in 1958, replaced two older models that broke down almost simultaneously.

Buddy Neal, the port's yardmaster, is excited about the engines, and is quick to point out to that they pollute less than those previously employed. The computerized diesel-electric locomotives stay efficient by determining how much horsepower each engine's two, 700-horsepower diesel motors puts into pulling loaded cars. Much of the time, only one motor is in operation, he said.

The computers track maintenance, and even shut motors off when they haven't been throttled up or braked for 15 minutes. Previous locomotives would often run at idle all day.

Best of all, Neal said, they don't leak oil down their sides, or spurt it out their exhaust stacks. That means neither the engines nor the ground underneath them will need as much cleanup. Previously, port employees had to place absorbent pads underneath the engines to prevent oil from leaking into the ground.

"We worked with that old equipment for a long time, patching it together," said Neal, a 30-year

port employee who has worked at Port Manatee since shortly after graduating from Southeast High School in 1980.

The locomotives provide the link between ships at the port and the state's railroad system. About 8,170 cars loaded with phosphate for fertilizer, lumber, and boxes for Fresh Del Monte fruit moved in and out of port property last year. Either one of the engines may not travel more than 15 miles a day, but they are the only way to move rail-shipped, bulk products.

The engines never travel faster than 10 mph, the maximum speed limit for the port's rail.

Seven port engineers and conductors drive and maintain the locomotives. Their daily workload varies. On Monday, they drove 42 cars around the port.

The two engines arrive in anticipation of more cargo coming in from a widened Panama Canal, and potential reopening of trade relations with Cuba. But planning for their purchase goes back before a major uptick in trade was anticipated. Neal and port staff began applying in 2009 for grants to purchase the engines.

A federal Tiger II grant paid $2.5 million toward the purchase. The port and the Florida Department of Transportation each picked up about $264,000 of the purchase price.

The port earned about $121,000 from selling its previous engine, an 1,800-horsepower General Motors GP9. Seminole Gulf Railway, which runs a murder mystery train in Fort Myers, purchased the engine.

Port officials won't know exactly how efficient the engines are until they start to see the fuel bills for both. Last year, the port spent $92,000 to fuel its older, single locomotive. Neal expects the new engines to save about $46,000 off that fuel cost if they move about the same number of cars in 2014 as were moved in 2013.

The new engines are expected to have a service life of 40 years or longer.

source cargo news: Read more here: http://www.bradenton.com/2014/02/26/5014854/new-port-locomotives-are-efficient.html#storylink=cpy

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Cargo lorry corridor to operate between Dubai airports from May

A fleet of lorries can produce a “cargo corridor” involving Dubai’s 2 principal airports and also the port in Jebel Ali, along with an average of 10 vehicles sixty minutes shuttling up and through city’s roads in peak times, Emirates SkyCargo mentioned yesterday.

Emirates SkyCargo, the particular group’s air freight division, can from May 1 onwards run the freighter fleet from a brand new cargo terminal in Al Maktoum International Airport.

Over ensuing 5 several yrs, the particular Dubai-based Allied Transport, a land transport solutions provider, can transfer cargo from Al Maktoum airport to Dubai International (DXB) after having a offer was agreed along with Emirates SkyCargo yesterday. The cargo can then be shipped on flights to completely different destinations.

Emirates SkyCargo expects to possess an average of 10 trucks for each hour travelling involving Al Maktoum and DXB in peak times. The frequency can boost during the coming several yrs, the corporate mentioned.

“The development of an open road network involving Dubai Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport has had serious investment, and Emirates’ do business with Allied Transport to supply road solutions involving airports can offer an integral link along with a competitive gain, ” mentioned Saj Ahmad, the particular chief analyst in StrategicAero Research.

This gain compared to operators in the new airport that may not have similar capability to expand their air/road logistics and transhipment abilities, he additional.

Emirates SkyCargo mentioned it might transfer the 12 aircraft – 10 Boeing 777Fs and 2 Boeing 747-400ERFs – to Al Maktoum.

Nabil Sultan, the particular divisional senior vice president cargo, mentioned : “Our freighter fleet nowadays now accounts for 35 for each cent of Emirates SkyCargo’s revenue and also the new terminal is in the core in our growth plans.

“Looking in the bigger picture, the particular new infrastructure even offers a worthwhile multiplier affects Dubai as it'll produce a cargo corridor that will connects the particular Jebel Ali port, DWC Al Maktoum and Dubai International Airport, ” he additional.

Emirates SkyCargo mentioned the new cargo terminal could well be equipped to tackle 700, 000 tonnes for each year on the completion ; likely it'll be equipped to tackle 1 million tonnes.

The freighter operations in the terminal might get started by 250 workers and subsequently boost to 500 workers, Emirates SkyCargo mentioned.

Mr Ahmad mentioned the particular proximity of one of the many world’s busiest shipping ports in Jebel Ali, strategically located close to Abu Dhabi way far much too, might aid Emirates Skycargo to exponentially boost the freight hauling business.

“The truth the wider air cargo market is beneath duress to the much better aspect of any decade – Emirates SkyCargo is certainly an exception towards the rule inside the air freight business and it’s not more difficult to notice why, ” mentioned Mr Ahmad.

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Airlines see no lag in meeting new EU cargo security norms deadline

Airlines can need to comply with all the European Union (EU) 's new norms for air cargo security by July 1 or face a ban in transporting cargo or carrying cargo onto the region's airports. Airlines can currently need to ensure cargo certain to the location is screened or comes a secure offer chain. Airlines, together with European ones, will require a security verification certificate for cargo operations in an airport outside the particular location. This suggests that airlines can got to obtain their cargo security processes followed in the airports (from exactly where the cargo is shipped) audited by EU-authorised validators. The International Air Cargo Association has warned of implementation challenges, even if airports and cargo operators in India are assured of meeting the particular deadline.

Air India and Jet Airways didn't reply to email.

Airports have begun measures to comply with all the norms. " The government may contain lobbied along with EU and secured an exemption direct from verification procedure, " an trade supply mentioned. In April-November 2013, airports in India taken care of 950, 000 tonnes of international freight.

Air India and Jet Airways fly to Europe. Jet earns eight-10 for each cent of it is revenue from cargo. European airlines, together with Lufthansa and KLM (Martinair), have direct passenger and freighter flights in among India and Europe. Gulf carriers carry cargo from India to Europe and onward onto the US by means of their West Asian hubs. X-ray screening in airports in India is created by the particular airline or Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) -approved agents. The responsibility of securing goods in warehouses rests with all the airline. Access onto the cargo terminal direct from landside (the particular aspect in an airport terminal to that the general public has connect to) will be the responsibility on the airport or cargo terminal operator, supported via the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF). The responsibility of securing cargo when taken onto the aircraft rests with all the airline or it is floor handler and CISF.

Raharamanan Panicker, cluster chief government of Cargo Service Centre which runs terminals in Mumbai and Delhi, mentioned : " I do not suppose there will surely be any difficulty in India to satisfy the July 1 deadline. We are actually carrying out 100 for each cent screening of cargo by BCAS norms. " Bharat Thakkar, former president on the Air Cargo Agents Association of India, mentioned : " My knowledge is the full validation procedure, from software to certification, is going to take two-three months. "

The Mumbai International Airport mentioned : " The BCAS regulations meet each of the requirements (in cases they exceed EU requirements) except a couple of procedural changes. These gaps are actually identified and are now being closed. The processes to bridge these gaps would like BCAS approval. The Mumbai International Airport-approved regulated agent has asked for authorization from BCAS to undertake the particular validation. Similarly, a few airlines, just similar to British Airways, UPS, Jet Airways and Lufthansa, have additionally approached BCAS for endeavor freelance validations. The whole procedure is doubtless to become completed by April-end. " Delhi International Airport mentioned discussions were on along with validators, to become completed just before the deadline. The Bangalore airport mentioned : " Our cargo partner, MBBA, is presently compliant as of November. The some other cargo partner, Air India SATS, has initiated the method and is also likely to finish it by May. "

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Sailors rescued after cargo ship splits off French coast

Eleven sailors were evacuated by helicopter after a Spanish cargo ship slammed into a dyke and split in two near the French port of Bayonne on Wednesday as strong winds battered the Atlantic coast.

The local mayor's office said the boat had crashed into the dyke amid heavy seas near the town of Anglet on its way to Bayonne in southwestern France.

The prefecture for the Pyrenees-Atlantiques region said it had suffered a " complete electrical breakdown ".

The rescue operation was complicated by lashing winds of up to 110 kilometres (70 miles) an hour.

Officials said a fuel leak had been detected and an emergency plan known as Polmar had been activated to deal with maritime pollution.

But Transport Minister Frederic Cuvillier, who rushed to the scene, said there was probably no risk " of massive pollution ".

The prefecture said one of the sailors suffered minor injuries.

It said the Luno cargo ship, 100 metres (330 feet) long, had been empty.

Questions being asked

An AFP reporter at the scene described half of the boat as resting on the dyke while the other half was lying on the beach at Anglet – a favourite spot for surfers in France.

Local mayor Jean Espilondo questioned why the boat had been given authorisation to enter the port in bad weather.

" We know that the entry conditions for the port of Bayonne are very difficult, " he said.

He added that the town would have to wait until the sea calmed down to make sure that none of the ship's reservoirs had been pierced.

The Meteo France weather service had earlier put nine regions on France's northern and Atlantic coasts on alert due to bad weather.

In Brittany, about 25, 000 people were without power late on Tuesday after high winds brought by Atlantic storm Petra, which was wreaking similar havoc in southwestern England.

(FRANCE 24 with AFP)

cargo news :

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Belly cargo, manufacturing push Dusseldorf Airport

In 2013, Dusseldorf Airport recorded its best cargo results since 2001, with more than 110, 000 tonnes, up 9. 1 percent over the previous year.

A number of factors contributed to this growth. On the airport’s 180 international routes, many airlines use wide-body passenger aircraft with substantial belly capacity.

“We gained significant new airlines and routes last year, including American Airlines with daily B767-300 Chicago service, the extended contract with BA and the IAG Grup, Etihad’s continuing daily A330 services links with Air Berlin’s daily A330 service to Abu Dhabi, Emirates continues to operate two daily B777-300ER flights, and Iraqi Airways began regular flights between various airports in Iraq, ” Gerton Hulsman, managing director Düsseldorf Airport Cargo, said. “This is a rapidly developing country, and we are very excited about the future potential for cargo expansion. ”

The presence of the Star Alliance and oneworld hubs adds significantly to the growing belly cargo business. The airport is also in the center of busy manufacturing and one of the most affluent populations in Germany. An independent trucking network is stimulating Dusseldorf’s further cargo growth.

“Prospects for 2014 look very encouraging, ” Hulsman said. “Capacity to and from the Far East is growing. Air China is increasing frequencies to five times per week – Düsseldorf-Beijing operating A330-200 aircraft and from the end of March, ANA will start a daily service to and from Tokyo with B787. In order to further enhance our service offer especially for our increasing volumes of perishables, we will open a new border inspection post during the first quarter. We have a number of other projects in the pipeline, which will come into service during the year so we have high expectations of an even more successful year 2014. ”

Around 20 percent of German exports and 22 percent of the country’s GDP is generated in the Federal North Rhine Westphalia.

“Our major export cargo includes chemical products, machinery and machine parts, automotive supply and electronic equipment and components, which represents some 55 percent of our traffic, ” Hulsman said. “Imports making up the remaining 45 percent of the keseluruhan provide a solid base for supplying successful companies in the regional value chain. With Germany as a whole enjoying success in exports, Dusseldorf Airport has strengthened its global corporate identity and image to reflect its important role within the economy. All departments of the airport are blending together successfully to offer a seamless service for our cargo, business and tourist customers. ”

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Air Cargo Handlers at Chennai Airport turn Animal Custodians

Air cargo handlers in the Chennai Airport will likely be capable of add ‘expert animal custodians’ for their resumes, in this rate. Given typically the spurt in consignments of are living animals which have been flown in and away from the town during the past 3 many a long time, almost all the Airports Authority of India (AAI) workers became adept in ensuring in which animals are relaxed and safe prior to becoming loaded upon their flights.

Despite cargo motion getting dipped during the past 2 many a long time owing to an international downturn, storage and handling charges haven’t been hiked drastically from 2010 onward. “In the final 3 months alone, now we have managed are living consignments of greater than 10 racehorses and each of the handlers are actually happy while using approach that weve worked while using animals, ” mentioned an officer who handles cargo operations in the Meenambakkam Cargo Complex.

He extra in which there was a definite raise in the quantity of are living animal consignments in which Chennai is seeing, particularly in 2013.

As proof of how assured they have been inside the airline and cargo staff, typically the owners of seven thoroughbreds truly flew typically the horses in on a Lufthansa cargo plane from Frankfurt on January 9 and appreciated typically the staff for achieveing the animals ‘cleared’, sans red tape and delay.

Horses can be many of the largest animals flown in and out of every Chennai, however typically the cargo workers, who will be designed to seeing tonnes of cartons, crates, boxes and consignments, have observed a big portion on the animal kingdom presently. From a stray African Grey Parrot to crocodiles due to Madras Crocodile Bank, dogs of varying pedigrees to a very large number day-old chicks from Brazil, they’ve observed and managed all of these all, selecting up skills that the majority animal lovers might consider many a long time to bone up on. Tortoises, ocean horses and smaller rodents aren’t authorized to become imported or exported next time they’re found, cargo staff be required to report it to Customs officers right away.

“Dogs and horses are simply frightened when you are shut with their vacation boxes. So we enable typically the owners to remain together until precisely the same minute as soon as the sleeping medication kicks in and after that, they're properly sealed within. We don’t merely dump water and feed within however retain checking be it still stuffed till the animals are actually in typically the plane. Sometimes, they fall asleep in awkward positions whilst becoming loaded straight into the plane, therefore we change typically the cases these types of that they're relaxed, ” mentioned Prajesh*, a loader who has got worked there for about 23 many a long time. Most importantly, loaders additionally speak to typically the animals in soothing tones and don't enable others to tap their cages or jeer in all of these until they’re upon the plane, because it alarms typically the animals.

Though their ‘care’ on the animals is restricted to handling and processing possibly just before the animals are put upon a flight or once they’re offloaded and handed towards the owner, cargo officers state that they've grow to be foster folks typically, “On rare situations, a few animals are stuck right listed below while not correct paperwork therefore we be required to manage all of these. We can't merely abandon all of these as a result of their owners were careless, ” mentioned typically the officer. The most recent was in January 2013 when an African Grey Parrot was stuck with their maintain for 20 times because the owner didn’t have a very NOC due to quarantine station it also was finally deported to Dubai, “It was a really smart creature and is going to repeat any term you told it. It was quite common right listed below, ” he extra.

Despite all of this, NGOs and animal rights organisations have frequently maintained in which airport staff across typically the country have a very ‘lackadaisical’ mindset in the direction of are living animals. To guarantee that this type of incident didn’t happen once more as a typically the animals, typically the Customs Department in Chennai issued a circular last year stating in which no airline really should really agree to fly animals while not previous clearance from each of the agencies (wildlife, customs, quarantine). It was additionally created mandatory which the airlines be required to individually advise all agencies in which animals could well be arriving and guarantee that typically the owner/importer was waiting in another finish, “to ensure typically the animals didn’t be required to pay additional time in transit”
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