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Belly cargo, manufacturing push Dusseldorf Airport

In 2013, Dusseldorf Airport recorded its best cargo results since 2001, with more than 110, 000 tonnes, up 9. 1 percent over the previous year.

A number of factors contributed to this growth. On the airport’s 180 international routes, many airlines use wide-body passenger aircraft with substantial belly capacity.

“We gained significant new airlines and routes last year, including American Airlines with daily B767-300 Chicago service, the extended contract with BA and the IAG Grup, Etihad’s continuing daily A330 services links with Air Berlin’s daily A330 service to Abu Dhabi, Emirates continues to operate two daily B777-300ER flights, and Iraqi Airways began regular flights between various airports in Iraq, ” Gerton Hulsman, managing director Düsseldorf Airport Cargo, said. “This is a rapidly developing country, and we are very excited about the future potential for cargo expansion. ”

The presence of the Star Alliance and oneworld hubs adds significantly to the growing belly cargo business. The airport is also in the center of busy manufacturing and one of the most affluent populations in Germany. An independent trucking network is stimulating Dusseldorf’s further cargo growth.

“Prospects for 2014 look very encouraging, ” Hulsman said. “Capacity to and from the Far East is growing. Air China is increasing frequencies to five times per week – Düsseldorf-Beijing operating A330-200 aircraft and from the end of March, ANA will start a daily service to and from Tokyo with B787. In order to further enhance our service offer especially for our increasing volumes of perishables, we will open a new border inspection post during the first quarter. We have a number of other projects in the pipeline, which will come into service during the year so we have high expectations of an even more successful year 2014. ”

Around 20 percent of German exports and 22 percent of the country’s GDP is generated in the Federal North Rhine Westphalia.

“Our major export cargo includes chemical products, machinery and machine parts, automotive supply and electronic equipment and components, which represents some 55 percent of our traffic, ” Hulsman said. “Imports making up the remaining 45 percent of the keseluruhan provide a solid base for supplying successful companies in the regional value chain. With Germany as a whole enjoying success in exports, Dusseldorf Airport has strengthened its global corporate identity and image to reflect its important role within the economy. All departments of the airport are blending together successfully to offer a seamless service for our cargo, business and tourist customers. ”

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