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Sunday TV The Killing shark week begins

Air Jaws Countdown to Shark Week Discovery Sunday 8 ET/PT

It's shark week and as any self respecting shark week fan knows that means hours and hours of footage of great white sharks breaching in slow motion the better to chomp on some poor unsuspecting seal. Indeed Discovery has become so fond of these air jaws shots it's opening the week with a special devoted to them that includes a preview of another upcoming air jaws special. It's followed by the two hour special Megalodon The Monster Shark Lives (9 ET/PT) and the debut of Shark After Dark (11 ET/PT) a live late night talk show hosted by Josh Wolf that will run each evening during shark week.

TCA PRESS TOUR CENTRAL All the news from the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour

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The Killing AMC Sunday 9 ET/PT

This once higher profile series ends its season with a two hour finale. Considering the blow back The Killing took the last time it ended a season without ending its story you can pretty much count on it ending its story.

Falling Skies TNT Sunday 10 ET/PT

Robert Sean Leonard guests in the season finale as the 2nd Mass destroys a crucial alien base and the Mason family is reunited. Sounds like a happy ending right Not so fast people those skies are still falling.

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