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Katy Perry Drops New Song Roar

Katy Perry's first single from her forthcoming new album Prism has hit the airwaves. According to Billboard the song was originally scheduled to premiere on Monday August 12th but it leaked onto the internet on Saturday morning. In response the song saw an early release to radio stations including Clear Channel which will be airing it hourly. Perry tweeted this morning that the track will be out on iTunes tonight at midnight EDT. Looks like there's a tiger on the loose she wrote.

With its easy poppy beat and repeated refrains of You held me down but I got up and You're gonna hear me roar the lead single strikes a determined note for the new album.

Katy Perry's Sexy Style

Prism Perry's fourth studio album and first since 2010's Teenage Dream is due out October 22nd. The pop star has been promoting the record with a shiny gold 18 wheeler truck traveling across the contry emblazoned with the title and release date. TMZ reports that the golden truck was hit by a drunk driver on Friday at a Walmart parking lot in Pennsylvania. The driver was uninjured and Perry later tweeted The Prism semi is bumped bruised but she is a champion She will return...

Katy Perry Roar

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