Rabu, 14 Agustus 2013

Is This Americas Best Family Sitcom

One of America s broadest and best family sitcoms Duck Dynasty which is yes also a reality TV show returns for its fourth season tonight on AE. Duck Dynasty about the antics of Louisiana s hirsute wealthy proudly redneck Roberston clan has been a huge hit for the cable channel racking up ratings that would be the envy of ABC NBC CBS or Fox. Executives at those networks must be beating their chests Duck Dynasty is exactly the comedy they have been trying and failing to make for years and years. It is the funny likeable idiosyncratic noncreepy upbeat version of the crisis of masculinity sitcoms that have cycled through the networks with more coming this fall. It s a show in which men aware of a changing world hyper perform certain aspects of their machismo facial hair hunting a no one tells me what to do attitude but with two key ingredients self awareness and joviality. The Robertson men happily ham it up for the camera they know is there laughing instead of crying about the end of men and it takes the sourness out of the shtick.

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