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Tim Tebows message to locker room cameraman

Joe Camporeale/USA TODAY Sports

Tim Tebow struggled in his first preseason game with the New England Patriots in Philadelphia Friday night as he stepped in under center late in the second quarter after Patriots backup Ryan Mallett suffered a hard hit. Tebow was sacked during his first series and finished the night 4 for 12 with 55 yards through the air. As a runner Tebow picked up 31 yards on four carries.

Then this happened according to Washington Post reporter Kent Babb.

In the Pats locker room a camera guy has a mishap and yells Jesus Christ Tebow in earshot looks at the guy and says He loves you.

Kent Babb ( kentbabb) August 10 2013

I promise that Tebow tweet was 100 percent true.

Kent Babb ( kentbabb) August 10 2013

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