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Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst Calif. teacher arrested after having students ...

Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst

/ CBS Los Angeles

(CBS/AP) REDLANDS Calif. A Southern California high school teacher was arrested on unlawful sex charges two weeks after giving birth to a baby that was allegedly fathered by a student Redlands police said Tuesday.

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Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst 28 was arrested Monday night for allegedly having unlawful sex with a 16 year old Redlands police spokesman Carl Baker said. She was the boy's adviser.

Officials at Citrus Valley High School in Redlands contacted police on Monday acting on a tip from the boy's mother.

According to CBS Los Angeles police said Whitehurst and the teen started talking outside of school and developed a relationship last summer. The affair continued for a year police said. The boy is now 17.

Whitehurst gave birth to the child June 18.

The station reports that police interviewed a second possible victim of the teacher and an investigation is ongoing.

In a statement Redlands Unified School District Assistant Superintendent Sabine Robertson Phillips said they were recently made aware of allegations involving a high school student and teacher.

Whitehurst was placed on leave Robertson Phillips said.

The teacher has been released from jail after posting a $25 000 bail reports the station.

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