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Being Mary Jane premiere Did Gabrielle Union reel you for more Talk ...

Gabrielle Union stars as Mary Jane Paul on Being Mary Jane a new BET show about a cable news journalist. The show premiered as a 90 minute movie on Tuesday night (July 2) and will return for eight episodes starting in January 2014.

In the above video preview Union does an interview in character saying that as the person who is used to doing the interviews she's a little nervous not to be in control.

Mary Jane may have faltered at CNN in the ratings and that's how she ended up at Talk Back at the fictional SC network. She may be being courted by some other networks but MJ is mum on the subject.

She also denies any conflict with her co worker Cynthia Phillips Any time you have two amazing powerful women they'll always create conflict where there is none.

Did you watch the premiere of Being Mary Jane Tuesday night What did you think

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