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Our morbid fascination with the real life tales of abducted girls.

This is the opposite of empowering. The stories of girls who have a chance to escape but don t take it darken the picture even more. Elizabeth Smart walked around with her captor and his wife dressed in a robe and veil without alerting the other people she came into contact with. I know about the idea of traumatic bonding the ties that a captor can establish with a young captive (and a more scientifically supported term than Stockholm Syndrome). After her release Jaycee Dugard wrote in her memoir about how the man who took her Phillip Garrido used rape pregnancy and the birth of their daughters to bind her to him. Eventually she would answer the front door and talk to people without telling them who she was or asking to leave. When investigators finally questioned her at first she gave them a false name called Garrido a great man and only identified herself by her real name after he d confessed to her abduction. In her book Dugard reminds us how young she was when she was taken and how desperate she was to keep her daughters safe. Like Smart she says she was too scared to sound an alarm. What I knew was safe she told Diane Sawyer on TV. The unknown out there was terrifying especially when thinking about the girls.

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