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Sunday TV Arrested Development Smash

What's worth watching and what might not be in prime time on Sunday.

Say goodbye to 'Smash' The Broadway based series starring Megan Hilty left and Katharine McPhee signs off for good Sunday night.(Photo Will Hart NBC)

Arrested Development Netflix Sunday 3 01 a.m. ET/12 01 PT

The cult classic comedy returns Sunday as Netflix drops all 15 new episodes at once. Netflix did not make the episodes available for preview which is always a sign of fear hubris or a toxic combination of both. We'll find out which this weekend.

CRITIC'S CORNER CHAT Read the most recent transcript

Smash NBC Sunday 9 ET/PT

As Arrested fans celebrate the show's surprising rebirth other fans mourn the equally surprising ignominious death of Smash a once promising hit that ends its run on a post season holiday Sunday. It's not hard to see why viewers fled new plots and characters that were even worse than the originals a souring of all the main relationships a lack of faith in its Broadway setting and a foolish decision to rehash issues we'd already thought were settled. Still it was a noble and briefly successful try to do something novel with a broadcast hour and NBC deserves at least a little credit for that.

The Glades/Longmire AE Monday 9 ET/PT

AE is using the unofficial start of summer to relaunch two summer series The Glades and Longmire. The first is a cute cop show that sort of petered out last season the second is a new cop show that was a bit too lethargic for its and our good. Let's hope at least one of them gets a new burst of energy this time around.

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