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Behind The Candelabra 5 Best Moments Liberaces Hot Sex More

Tweet Michael Douglas and Matt Damon are incredible in this biopic of the iconic performer check out the five reasons this HBO production is one of the best made for TV movies ever

Behind The Candelabra was the cable event of the year and it absolutely did not disappoint. Michael Douglas stars as the flamboyant entertainer Liberace and Matt Damon dumbs down as his secret young lover Scott Thorson. In a movie designed to be as decadent as possible there are many moments we are totally obsessed with and have to analyze. Check out our favorite parts below and be warned of SPOILERS AHEAD

Liberace Scott s Love Scenes

Liberace had a healthy sexual appetite and Matt and Michael pull no punches in the graphic sex scenes. Although the actors strongest moments come through the emotionally tortured moments in the film s third act their portrayals of physical love are so brave.

Incredible Costumes Hair

The film pays tribute to the late 70s and early 80s time period through an over the top recreation of the style. Much like Liberace himself the rhinestone studded outfits and feathered coifs absolutely DEMAND your attention.

Rob Lowe s Magical Face

The Parks and Recreation star is hilarious as Liberace s seedy plastic surgeon Dr. Jack Startz. Jack s role becomes increasingly sinister as he gets Scott hooked on drugs but his most important character trait is some freakish plastic surgery of his own. Just look at this lovely mug

The Spellbinding Musical Numbers

Although his personal life was a mess Liberace was undoubtedly a gifted pianist and entertainer. It was great to get glimpses into the spectacle that was one of his performances and Michael once again showed his gifts by making the concert scenes come to life.

Liberace s Final Act

Several years after his relationship with Scott imploded Liberace died of AIDS related complications but not before bringing Scott back to his mansion to visit one last time. Looking emaciated Michael s rapport with Matt showcases some of their finest acting ever. Love loss and anger are rarely portrayed with such honesty and it s a sobering end to an otherwise rollicking production.

What was YOUR favorite part of Behind The Candelabra HollywoodLifers

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