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Amanda Bynes Two Truths and (Probably) a Lie

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Amanda Bynes was arrested (for real) Thursday night and Jenny McCarthy did not tweet about it. One of the charges the former Nickelodeon star faces is marijuana possession just days after she claimed photos of her smoking weed were fake and a month after she claimed I don't smoke pot.

These were possibly (probably) fibs.

So in the wake of Bynes' latest controversy we decided to look back at some of her bolder statements in the past and decipher what was (probably) the truth and what was (probably) not via the popular icebreaker game Two Truths and a Lie.

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Round 1

1. She's had plastic surgery.

2. She is an advocate of vagina murdering.

3. She has a redheaded imposter walking around NYC.

Truth Amanda has indeed had plastic surgery (she had a nose job to remove skin that was like a webbing in between my eyes ).

Truth Amanda has indeed stepped out as an advocate for vagina murdering (specifically her vagina being murdered by Drake).

Lie Amanda does not have a redheaded doppelg nger roaming the streets of the Big Apple. Despite her protests ( I've never been a redhead ) the photos appear to be of Amanda Bynes. We know this because we have seen photos of Amanda Bynes before.

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Round 2

1. She idolizes a stripper.

2. She threw a vase out of her 36th floor window.

3. She did not get kicked out of a gymnastics class.

Truth Amanda has nearly completed a transformation into stripper Blac Chyna complete with blonde bangs and cheek piercings. I wanted to look like Blac Chyna she explained (you can find our sceintific analysis of her Blac face here.)

Truth Amanda was not kicked out of a gymnastics class she says and really who cares enough to fight her on this one.

Lie Amanda (probably) did not throw a vase out of the window of her NYC skyrise as she claimed following her arrest. The police report seeing a bong in her apartment a bong that subsequently became a projectile when it was jettisoned from her window. It was probably a bong. But to be fair a bong could also be used as a vase. If you want.

PHOTO Amanda Bynes mugshot is released and her head is shaved

Round 3

1. She knows how to twerk.

2. She believes she created the phrases ILY and lololol.

3. She does not like Nikki Blonsky.

Truth Amanda does believe she created the Internet acronyms for I Love You and Laugh Out Loud Out Loud Oud Loud. She did not create those phrases (that would be a lie) but she does believe she did tweeting I created the phrase lly lololol. proud

Truth Amanda was tweeted by her Hairspray costar Blonsky and later posted When you write me on twitter and I ignore you it's because I plan on ignoring you on twitter and in life forever. You connect the dots.

Lie Amanda Bynes does not know how to twerk.

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Maybe it's all lies. Maybe it's all the truth. Maybe the entire existence you know is a dream of a figurine instead a snowglobe and we were all actually dead the whole time.

Here are a couple truths (1) Amanda Bynes is obsessed with herself (2) Amanda is the first person to rival Phil Spector's insane courtroom hair.

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And (3) We hope you get well soon girl. No more throwing vases out of windows.

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