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Mayweather vs. Guerrero Live In fight blog

Mayweather 'It was blood sweat and tears in there tonight what can I say.' (Getty). (USATSI)

Welcome to the Mayweather Guerrero fight night live blog run by correspondent Lyle Fitzsimmons. Look for updates throughout the night with analysis and insight on the card.

1 24 a.m. Neither age nor jail nor insistent opponent and trainer were enough to keep Floyd Mayweather Jr. from completing his appointed Saturday night rounds.

And by the time the night was over even that opponent admitted it.

He's a little better than I thought said Robert Guerrero whom Mayweather beat by a wide unanimous decision in defense of the WBC welterweight title. He was barely slipping away from the punches. I thought I'd catch him.

Mayweather improved to 44 0 in 17 years as a pro while Guerrero fell to 31 2 1 and lost for both the first time in three fights at welterweight and the first time overall since 2005.

And the two men who'd battled verbally through premium cable documentaries press conferences and 36 minutes of sporadic in ring violence eventually called a truce after Jimmy Lennon made the verdict official signaling to the boxing world that it's time to pick the next contestant and begin another countdown on exactly how much time remains before Father Time ultimately reigns.

The smart money says that would be king will be unbeaten Golden Boy Promotions product Canelo Alvarez but Mayweather threw in a potential wrench by claiming he'd injured his right hand somewhere in the middle rounds against Guerrero and therefore was unable to press for a knockout.

Regardless whether the injury ultimately means a lesser opponent in September or another entire year on the shelf before the would be Alvarez fight the latest win also guarantees the necessity of yet another round of debate about Mayweather's standing among the all time greats.

On Saturday as he faced a foe six years younger who'd been twice as active in the last three years it seemed clear he'd climbed at least a couple rungs thanks to the hard work and dedication mantra Guerrero and his team had been quick to mock in the pre fight run up.

It was blood sweat and tears in there tonight what can I say Mayweather said. The less you get hit in this game the longer you last. Everybody was saying at age 36 that I wasn't as sharp as I used to be that I didn't look good in the Cotto fight.

But Cotto was a future hall of famer and a great fighter. Guerrero was pressing the attack but I had good work for this fight. A lot of young strong guys in camp who were forcing me to fight.

12 57 p.m. Guerrero admitted He's a little better than I thought. I thought I'd catch him.

12 55 a.m. Mayweather was noncommittal about his future plans saying I don't know who we're going to fight right now. I have to go home and rest up first. But I'm ready to party with everyone in Las Vegas tonight.

12 48 a.m. All three judges score it the same 117 111 (9 rounds to 3) for Floyd Mayweather Jr. CBS Card also had it 117 111.

Round 12 Fighters embrace to begin final round. Mayweather starts round on bicycle. Crowd boos. Guerrero tries to smother Mayweather eludes charges. Mayweather bounces along ropes Guerrero pursues Mayweather holds. Mayweather closes with flurry Guerrero raises hands. Mayweather laughs. Guerrero's father yelling I thought we were gonna go toe to toe. He ran like a chicken. CBS Card Mayweather 10 9 (117 111).

Round 11 Mayweather moving steadily lands looping right hand to Guerrero rush. Combination wobbles Guerrero again Mayweather landing more than half his shots. Guerrero not letting hands go even in close. CBS Card Mayweather 10 9 (107 102).

Round 10 Guerrero throws three lefts in corner Mayweather blocks all three and counters with right. Guerrero lands strong left to body. Mayweather lands two low blows. Mayweather sharpshoots in final minute throwing jabs and lead rights. CBS Card Mayweather 10 9 (97 93).

Round 9 Referee confirms Guerrero cut was caused by punch not butt. Mayweather using movement. Guerrero forces clinch to corner but Mayweather holds. Mayweather counters with body shot. Mayweather lands two right hands with back to corner. Guerrero showing more aggression lands body shot near bell. CBS Card Guerrero 10 9 (87 84).

Round 8 Guerrero cut on left eyelid not as active as in past rounds. Looping right hand wobbles Guerrero with 10 seconds to go. Mayweather's best round. CBS Card Mayweather 10 9 (78 74).

Round 7 Guerrero's father sends him out from corner saying Whatever it takes. Mayweather lays on ropes Guerrero in close but not giving himself enough distance to land and not throwing enough. Mayweather throws left hook to body. CBS Card Guerrero 10 9 (68 65).

Round 6 Guerrero lands more counters presses action more than in past rounds. Mayweather lays on ropes comes off lands straight right. Mayweather wins last 60 seconds has landed 40 or more percent in four of six rounds. Guerrero never more than 30 percent. CBS Card Mayweather 10 9 (59 55).

Round 5 Guerrero lands snapping counter left Mayweather follows with right. Mayweather not moving relying on straight right potshots and following with left hooks. Eluding Guerrero charges to ropes. Mayweather putting body behind right hands. Guerrero averaged 71 punches per round in last four fights throwing 40 tonight. CBS Card Mayweather 10 9 (49 46).

Round 4 Guerrero lands glancing left Mayweather follows with right hand that snaps Guerrero's head back. Guerrero finally forces fight to the ropes but Mayweather counters well and escapes flurry. CBS Card Mayweather 10 9 (39 37).

Round 3 Mayweather making Guerrero lunge lands counter right hand to head. Mayweather landing solid single shots then trying to smother Guerrero follows. Mayweather's best round uses jab lands straight right and keeps Guerrero's reckless style from being utilized. Guerrero's face reddened. CBS Card Mayweather 10 9 (29 28).

Round 2 Guerrero corners Mayweather and lands lunging straight left. Referee letting clinches linger before intervening. Guerrero making Mayweather lead countering well. Mayweather lands straight right at the bell. CBS Card Guerrero 10 9 (19 19).

Round 1 Mayweather not moving. Mayweather lands initial straight right. Guerrero rough in clinches throwing free left hands. Mayweather lands sharper lead right hands Guerrero countering effectively. Guerrero stares at end of round. CBS Card Mayweather 10 9.

11 58 p.m. Under way.

11 57 p.m. Final referee instructions. Fathers jawing back and forth.

11 55 p.m. Judges are Duane Ford Julie Lederman and Jerry Roth. Referee is Robert Byrd.

11 53 p.m. Jimmy Lennon beginning in ring introductions.

11 52 p.m. Mayweather in ring.

11 50 p.m. Mayweather walking to the ring with rapper Lil' Wayne.

11 49 p.m. Guerrero in ring.

11 48 p.m. The always colorful Floyd Mayweather Sr. in a video feature prior to the ringwalks (Floyd's) faster than him slicker than him and smarter than him. He gonna get his ass tore up.

11 43 p.m. It's anthem time. Tony Meledez with the Mexican being followed Kelly Rowland. Ring walks to follow.

11 37 p.m. The three official scorecards had Mares in front 76 75 76 75 and 77 74 at the time of the stoppage. CBS had it 78 73 for Mares through eight rounds.

11 32 p.m. The fight ended and the WBC title changed hands abruptly when shortly after Ponce De Leon rose from being dumped by a right hand referee Jay Nady stepped in amid a follow up flurry from Mares at 2 20 of the ninth round. The initial consensus was that Nady's intervention was premature. Nonetheless it gave Mares a world title claim in a third weight class.

11 01 p.m. Mares punctuated what had been an even second round with a wide left hook that dropped Ponce De Leon for the sixth time in his career. The champion quickly rose and was spared from further punishment by the end of the round.

10 49 p.m. Fighters are in to the ring for the final undercard event a featherweight title fight between champion Daniel Ponce De Leon and challenger Abner Mares. Mares had unsuccessfully campaigned for a bout with 122 pound phenom Nonito Donaire but moved up when a deal was not reached. He and Ponce De Leon at one time trained in the same gym and consider themselves good friends and this fight wasn't made until Ponce De Leon's previous foe was injured.

10 33 p.m. Santa Cruz stayed unbeaten in the fifth round when Munoz's trainer entered the ring as a sign of surrender at 1 05. Santa Cruz scored a knockdown in the second and nearly prompted an in corner retirement following the fourth before finishing the job a round later. Santa Cruz who won a regional title belt now appears in line for an IBF world title shot with champion Jonathan Romero.

10 11 p.m. Former bantamweight champion Leo Santa Cruz who ended a decade plus boxing drought on CBS in December is in the ring for his 122 pound debut a scheduled 10 rounder against former 115 pound champion Alexander Munoz. Santa Cruz a volume puncher is 23 0 1 as a pro while a sporadically active Munoz is just 4 2 in his last fights since 2008.

10 09 p.m. Both main event fighters are in the building. Guerrero arrived backstage looking characteristically intense while Mayweather was shown strutting while wearing a blue Mayweather Promotions sweatshirt a baseball cap and headphones.

9 58 p.m. The early night's best fight comes to an end. Love rose from the sixth round knockdown and survived but Rosado was the agressor for the second half and earned a 95 94 nod on the CBS scorecard. Official cards gave it to Love by split decision two cards for him 97 92 and 95 94 and one for Rosado 95 94. Crowd booing. Rosado visibily frustrated. Love said I''m a fighter and like I said it's up to the judges.

9 43 p.m. Some drama in the middle rounds. Love had been the better man in terms of skills through the first 5 2/3 rounds before being dumped to the canvas with a short inside right in the sixth. He rose and continued but the momentum has decidedly turned into Rosado's favor.

9 12 p.m. The meat of the undercard begins with a middleweight bout between unbeaten Mayweather Promotions property J'Leon Love (15 0) and Philadelphian Gabriel Rosado (21 6) who unsuccessfully challenged for a 160 pound world title belt in his most recent fight. A big step up in class for Love who's not met anyone of Rosado's caliber.

8 46 p.m. Las Vegas based super middleweight Lanell Bellows stopped Matt Garretson in round four of a matchup of unbeatens that had been scheduled for four rounds. Bellows improved to 4 0 1 as a pro while Garretson dropped to 2 1.

8 14 p.m. Adrien Broner arrived for a live cable TV spot to hype his June 22 welterweight title fight with Paulie Malignaggi who just happened to be on the broadcast set wearing a T shirt with the message Hey Paulette. Malignaggi retorts well saying You remember the movie Rocky where they had an Adrian and a Paulie Which one was the girl

7 56 p.m. Arias a 22 year old Cuban now living in Milwaukee got to 5 0 in his brief career with a majority decision winning by scores of 58 56 and 58 55 while the third scorecard had it 57 57. He was signed to a contract with Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s promotional company after impressing Mayweather in a series of sparring sessions and is trained by former light heavyweight champ Eddie Mustafa Muhammad. CBS had it for Arias 59 55.

7 42 p.m. Punches have been thrown at the MGM Grand. Swedish born Badou Jack an unbeaten light heavyweight stopped Michael Gbenga via third round TKO to open the night. They were followed to the ring by super middleweights Luis Arias and Donyil Livingston who are midway through a so far spirited six rounder.

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