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Rehtaeh Parsons 17 Hangs Self After Allegedly Being Rape Bullied

Tweet Just terrible on Apr. 10 a mother took her 17 year old daughter off of life support after the teen hung herself a week earlier. The mother claimed that her daughter took her own life after being raped by four teenage boys and subsequently bullied by classmates for it afterwards. Keep reading for more details.

Rehtaeh Parsons a 17 year old girl from Nova Scotia Canada passed away on Apr. 10 after her mother decided to take her off of life support. A week ago the girl hanged herself. She was never able to recover from being allegedly raped by four boys according to her mother Leah Parsons.

Rehtaeh Parsons Victim Of Alleged Rape Bullying

Rehtaeh s mother said that one of her daughter s accused rapists took a photo of the alleged assault and that Rehtaeh became the center of vicious relentless bullying when the photo went viral.

Police however concluded that there were no grounds to charge the four teenage boys after a year long investigation. Police Corporal Scott MacRae stated that their investigation had been carried out with the consultation of prosecutors and both groups found that there was insufficient evidence to proceed with charges.

Teen Bullying Needs To Stop

Though no one will be legally held responsible for the tragic passing of Rehtaeh one thing that should and could have been avoided was the horrible bullying that she had to face. Teens are so emotionally vulnerable and fierce humiliation from peers is the worst kind of abuse someone that age can suffer.

Rehtaeh isn t our first tragic example of this just two months ago Ashley Riggitano a student at Rutgers University jumped off the George Washington Bridge in New York City after being brutally bullied on Facebook. Go try to kill yourself a girl wrote to Ashley.

Facing such cruelty from peers like Tyler and Rehtaeh can severely damage young people emotionally and psychologically and it needs to be taken seriously.

On a Facebook page set up in tribute of Rehtaeh a user wrote Clearly the justice system failed her society failed her the school system failed her the mental health system failed her. We couldn t agree more and we hope Rehtaeh s tragic death at least helps raise awareness to the graveness of teen bullying.

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