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Scanner Chatter Kyle Busch says leave it to NASCAR to make a bad decision

RICHMOND Va. Kyle Busch Martin Truex Jr. and Tony Stewart were among the drivers who were not happy Saturday night at Richmond.

Their tempers led to some interesting comments over their in car radios.

Kyle Busch had plenty of reasons to get worked up Saturday night in Richmond and he aired his frustations to his team during the race. (AP Photo)

Here s a look at some of the best scanner chatter from the Toyota Owners 400 at Richmond

Kyle Busch upset with a call that initially was going to send him to the rear of the field for a commitment line violation because he didn t have two tires on the red box at the edge of the line on his pit stop

Busch Just like four years ago when I did touch the box but I didn t touch the box at Bristol Right Sure.

Crew chief Dave Rogers To me you had both left side (tires) on it by one inch but it was really close.

Busch That s all that matters.

Rogers They said the scoring loop said you were too far out.

Busch It doesn t say anything in the drivers meeting or the rulebook that says you have to touch the scoring loop.

Rogers It is so close. The tower said we are not on it.

Busch Whatever. Leave it to NASCAR or leave it to somebody else to make a bad decision right Joe (Gibbs)

Clint Bowyer as sprinklers went off on the frontstretch grass You know that groundskeeper that got picked on all the time he s like All right I ll show them.

Spotter Brett Griffin Like one of those Buffalo Wild Wings commercials.

Martin Truex Jr. after wreck with Kurt Busch I kept it off the wall at least. I was giving him the bottom. I went in I was going to run the middle. I guess he decided he didn t want me to do either.

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