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National Siblings Day Readers Share Wedding Photos With Their Brothers And ...

April 10 is National Siblings Day In honor of the holiday we asked our readers to send us a photo with their brothers and sisters from their wedding day celebrations.

From a brother who walked his sister down the aisle after their father's passing to a sibling performance of Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby it's clear that these family members played an important part in the Big Day festivities (and that any sibling rivalries had ended at least for the day )

Click through the slideshow below for 25 wonderful photos that show the love and strength of the sibling bond.

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Submitted by rachael_simon

Here is a photo of me (left) and my two sisters at my oldest sister's wedding on June 25 2011. Submitted by Sophia Gousios

SonyaYee Big sis and lil' bro with me in the middle

My big sister is my best friend and my rock emotionally and spiritually This picture depicts how I really felt that day and about her always. Submitted by Diane Hilton

abfried My foster sister's adoption was finalized just 2 months after my wedding

WebsterLoree My brother took dancing lesson in college I did not. He was also our DJ

patrickryne Triplets (but only one getting married)

MelaJoyRed My sisters are the best friends I've ever had

Submitted by LifeCoachTraci

carlawpg My beautiful sister was my maid of honor at my wedding Love her bigtime.... sisterlove

glenchisholm Here is me with my little sister at her wedding. I gave her away after our father had passed away

KarasMyAgent Siblings on my wedding day

My sisters and I on my wedding day March 10 2012. We always stand in order of age Submitted by Rachel Bookman

Me with my two sisters and maids of honor at my Nov. 4 2012 wedding Submitted by Amy Schafnitz

jno8162 Me and my twinny my wedding on Sanibel Island casaybelresort 9 15 12

MrsEmuWilson Me with my siblings (and husband ) on our wedding day back in August

Submitted by rebecca_decker

Submitted by Lisa Antas Marzano

Lola Trudel and sister Joyce Romneos on Joyce's wedding day Submitted by Lola Trudel

shannbutt Me and my big sis kellydawnbutt at my wedding last September )

My brother Ben and I performing our go to karaoke favorite 'Ice Ice Baby ' on my wedding day Dec. 21 2012 Submitted by Halley Knigge

Submitted by Kate Prairie

hlirvine Siblings on our big day

Submitted by brienne_bullock

tlcprincess Sisterly love

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