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Lindsey Vonns ex husband jokes about Tiger Woods

What compelled an attentive probably lonely television viewer to narc on Tiger Woods for taking an illegal drop during the second round of the Masters

If the ex husband of Tiger's girlfriend Lindsey Vonn can be believed it was good ol' fashioned jealousy.

Here's what Thomas Vonn tweeted on Saturday hours after his ex's new beau was assessed a two stroke penalty that was first spotted by an alert golf fan watching on television

No problem Masters tournament happy to call in and help. You always have to keep an eye on those cheaters )

The winking smiley face lets you know he's joking. OR IS HE

Well he's obviously joking but that's still a great line.

Lindsey and Thomas Vonn were married in 2007. With her husband serving as her coach and advisor Lindsey became an Olympic and World Cup champion before the partnership dissolved in 2011. A divorce was finalized earlier this year.

I honestly can't discuss anything Thomas said when news of the divorce became public. It's just a sad sad situation. Out of respect for each other we're not going to discuss it publicly.

Thankfully amid the humorless hand wringing about Tiger's penalty and the ethics of his decision to remain in the tournament Thomas Vonn has given us a moment of levity.

Elin Nordegren has yet to comment on her outgoing call log from Friday.

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