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Spike Albrecht is the surprise NCAA championship MVP

Spike Albrecht the freshman backup for national player of the year Trey Burke lit the NCAA championship on fire Monday night scoring 17 points in an improbable 20 minutes that solidified his place amongst the most unexpected NCAA heroes in history. His performance would have been remarkable in any circumstance but was especially stunning given the eight minutes and 1.8 points he averaged this season.

He had 24 points in Big Ten games. Combined.

It took him the first 10 regular season games to get to the 17 point mark.

Albrecht hit four three pointers in the first half. From Christmas until the end of Michigan's regular season he hit a total of four three pointers.

Up until the Final Four win over Syracuse Albrecht hadn't had a game with multiple three pointers all season. Through the first half he was 9 9 in the NCAA tournament tying Sam Cassell's record for most threes hit in the tournament without a miss. He had nine threes during the entire regular season.

In the previous five NCAA tournament games he had a total of 19 points.

His given name is Michael. He has siblings nicknamed Chachi and T Baby. He won that game too apparently.

Only one other school gave Albrecht a scholarship offer. It was noted NCAA powerhouse and noted Michigan nuisance Appalachian State.

The bigger the stage the better he plays. Yeah it's surprising but it's Spike.

USA TODAY Sports caught up with Albrecht's parents Chuck and Tammy during the game. Chuck noted the physical toll of Albrecht's performance thus far.

He looked so winded. He's tired I can tell. I've been so worried since Trey got his second foul because Spike has had to work so hard

Tammy was more concerned about the score than her son's fatigue.

I'm elated but I want a bigger lead.

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