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Political Pranks More Than Just An April Fools Day Proposition

Think the world of American politics is too serious to be targeted by merciless pranking Think again.

On this April Fool's Day took a look back at the history of shenanigans being pulled both by politicians and on politicians. And let this serve as a warning Nobody is safe from practical jokes on the first of April.

Loading Slideshow Palin Falls For Sarkozy Impersonator

During the 2008 presidential campaign two Canadian comedians placed a prank call to then vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin with one pretending to be French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Palin was not quick to catch on despite the impostor saying that could see Belgium from his ass a riff on Palin's line about being able to see Russia from Alaska. But Palin seemed to take the prank in stride before handing the phone off to her assistant.

Mitt's Police Pranks

Former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney was known in his younger years for a prank that involved him impersonating police officers in order to scare his friends. While there was apparently no connection to April Fool's Day Romney's friends a href http // 05 11/news/31656167_1_mitt romney michigan governor police officer target _blank recalled one incident/a in which Romney pulled their car over demanded the vehicle registration and asked for the keys to the trunk where he found the bottle of bourbon McDonald had taken from his dad and planted as part of the ruse.

Scott Walker Had By Prank Callers

During the heat of a contentious 2011 battle over union rights in Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) a href http // walker buffalo beast phone prank_n_827058.html target _blank took a phone call/a from a man claiming to be billionaire David Koch. It was actually Ian Murphy of the Buffalo Beast. The Koch brothers were big supporters of Walker and his drive to eliminate collective bargaining rights and during the call Walker appeared happy to discuss strategy for defeating resistant Democratic lawmakers.

The 'Yes Men' Fake A Press Conference

The a href http // v QnQX09DZLYEfeature related target _hplink Yes Men/a are known for impersonating political and business figures to make a statement. In October 2009 they staged a press conference a href http // of commerce hoax_n_326069.html target _hplink at the National Press Club to announce the U.S. Chamber of Commerce/a was supporting climate change legislation.

Corporation Runs For Congress

After the Supreme Court's 2010 emCitizens United/em ruling which a href http // united ruling a_n_457076.html target _hplink allowed the free flow of corporate money/a into politics a PR firm the Murray Hill company announced that it would run for Congress. The slogan Vote Murray Hill for the best democracy money can buy.

Montgomery Burns For NYC Mayor

Calling all Simpsons fans. A jab at billionaire Michael Bloomberg's run for a third term in 2009 a a href http // burns gets most write_n_381775.html target _hplink fictional Montgomery Burns campaign/a promised to bring about change in New York City. The highlights of Burns' four borough plan consisted of selling Staten Island and building a nuclear power plant in Brooklyn.

The Return Of Nixon

In 1992 National Public Radio ran a fake story about Richard Nixon running for that year's presidential nomination. Despite resigning two decades earlier amid the largest scandal in presidential history NPR announced that Nixon would campaign on the slogan I didn't do anything wrong and I won't do it again. (The faux Nixon who recorded the audio turned out to be comedian and presidential impersonator Rich Little).

Collapsing Capitols

In 1976 the Harrisburg emPatriot/em published a photo of the state's capitol building collapsing. The a href http // target _hplink caption read/a Custodian A.F. Day said the blast occurred during a joint House Senate session addressed by Hubert Humphrey and Gov. Milton Shapp Day attributed the explosion to an abnormal expansion of hot air which usually is absorbed by acoustic seats in the chamber. Decades earlier in 1933 the Wisconsin State Capitol (pictured) met the same fictitious fate when it collapsed due to too much hot air.

Portable Zip Codes Not So Much

NPR appears on this list for a second time for announcing that the U.S. Postal Service would allow people to take their zip codes with them when they move. The story was in response to a Federal Communications Commission ruling that allows cell phone users to keep their phone numbers.

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