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At Hammo No More Dogs Horses Or Other Animals On the Beach Until Fall

It was a glorious Easter Sunday at Hammonasset.

For most of the day the sun was shining and the beach was packed with people walking their dogs flying their kites reading books and enjoying their picnics. There was a man playing a guitar for his friends and passersby.

A group of very small children were cavorting with the seagulls. And there were two horseback riders from Lyme enjoying their last day of riding on the beach.

As of today April 1 that's right ... no more dogs horses or other animals on the beach until October.

Piping plover season is here

Hammonasset Beach State Park Supervisor Henry Alves said that prohibition against animals on the beach is due in part to the beginning of piping plover nesting season. The piping plover is a small white and brown bird that generally arrives in Connecticut in late March and begins to lay eggs by late April according to the Connecticut Department of Energy Environmental Protection.

The piping plovers are designated as a threatened species at both the state and federal levels according to the CT DEEP

The development of the shoreline for recreation has limited the number of available piping plover nest sites. Beach stabilization projects have reduced the quality of the remaining sites forcing the birds to nest in areas with greater vegetation and increased human disturbances. Vegetation provides cover for and human activities encourage the presence of predators such as dogs cats rats raccoons and skunks. In addition human disturbances affect productivity by keeping birds off nests thus preventing them from attending eggs and young outright destruction of nests is also a factor.

And coming soon swimming and charging on the weekends

Another reason for the prohibition against animals on the beach is that the water will soon be warm enough for swimming and with swimming season coming up soon animals are not allowed on the beach for health and safety reasons Alves said.

Alves also said that as of April 20th Hammonasset will start charging on the weekends for people coming into the park.

And at the start of the Memorial Day weekend on May 25th the park starts charging every day for attendance.

Celebrate Earth Day at Hammo on April 13

And one more reminder Friends of Hammonasset are celebrating Earth Day on April 13th.

The following activities are being planned

Events being planned include

8am Bird hike led by Jerry Connolly from Madison Audubon Shop 10am Hawks and Our Environment Todd Secki and Christine Cummings Secki from A Place Called Hope. 11am Geology/Native American Land Use/Ospreys hike Led by Don Rankin Gary Nolf and Grace Krick. 12 1pm Lunch. Food vendors available or picnic on your own. Listen to Native American Flute music by Scott Shuffitt. 1 1 30pm Songbirds and Shorebirds Bonnie Alexander wildlife rehabilitator 1 30 2 00pm How to handle wildlife emergencies. Panel of experts handles questions 2pm Amphibians of Connecticut Allison Rubelman Ansonia Nature Center. Learn about importance of vernal pools ponds and wetlands. 3pm Reptiles of Connecticut Chuck Annicelli Yale herpetologist 4pm Owls of Connecticut Todd Secki and Christine Cummings Secki Learn their calls and how to attract them to you own backyard.

Crafting activities will be available for kids and archaeology geology and environmental exhibits will be open to public.

The event is free and admission to Hammonasset Beach State Park is also free. For more information please call Ranger Russ Miller at 203 245 8743. For additional information please refer to our earlier story on Earth Day 2013 at Hammonasset.

To learn more about the Friends of Hammonassest or to join please visit the FOH website.

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