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The 5 Most Awkward Moments at the 2013 Daytime Emmys

Daytime TV can be full of surprises sometimes awkward ones. Is it any wonder then that the live telecast of the 40th Daytime Emmy Awards followed suit

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That's not to say it wasn't a blast for the attendees and the viewers at home. Airing last night on HLN the ceremony was full of fun unscripted moments that made for a memorable night including off the cuff comments from presenters ill timed commercial breaks and an f bomb that made it past the censors.

Here's the best of the worst


Even when they weren't cheering for their favorite game shows talk shows or soap operas the noise from those in attendance was always audible to viewers at home. As Beth Harris of the Associated Press wrote The constant din of audience chatter could be heard on the telecast.


Hi I m Carrie I m an alcoholic and a drug addict said Carrie Fisher before presenting the award for Best Animated Show. Our nominees take us into worlds we have never seen before unless like Ozzy and myself you have taken acid she continued motioning toward Ozzy Osbourne who was seated in the crowd. Our nominees have not taken acid at least not with me which really is the only way to do it as most of you know. Fisher then added Right George to director George Lucas who eventually won for Star Wars The Clone Wars.


The co hosts of The Talk were thrown for a loop when announcing the winner for Outstanding Talk Show (Informative) because they were sent onto the stage with the wrong envelope. Oh this is interesting said Aisha Tyler upon reading the award recipient. This winner is not in this category. Tyler handled the mix up pretty well laughing along with the audience and jokingly announcing Showtime's Homeland as the winner before getting the correct envelope and naming The Dr. Oz Show as the victor. There better be a cocktail waiting on my table she added.


It's not unusual for curse words to make it past the censors at a live awards show but rarely do you expect them during the In Memoriam segment. Corbin Bernsen was imagining what his mother the late soap actress Jeanne Cooper would be thinking saying Oh s I m on the 'In Memoriam' list He voiced more of Cooper's (presumed) sentiments when he suggested she'd say At least I made the f list


The commercial break before the Original Song medley ran a bit short forcing co host Robin Meade to rush to the stage without shoes. In just an evening gown and bare feet Meade sang snippets from each of the nominated tunes before Good Afternoon from Good Morning America took home the trophy.


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