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Jane Wicker A life on the wing

DAYTON Ohio (WDTN) Jane Wicker has a long history in aviation starting with her very first flight lesson in 1988.

Wicker says she knew the sky was hers when she took that first lesson in 1988. She became a certified pilot in 1989.

Her love of stunt flying began in '89 when she took a ride onboard an aerobatic Flying Circus. She spotted an ad looking for a wing walker in 1990 and her next stage of flight was born.

She became a wing walker for the Flying Circus and performed with the troupe for 12 years.

She took a break for a couple of years but not for long. She bought her own plane in 2009 and started appearing at air shows.

Wicker spent most of her time walking the wings of planes high in the sky but she was also a credited stunt pilot.

Wicker worked as a budget analyst for the FAA when she was on the ground. She was working finish her degree in finance.

Pilot Charlie Schwenker was piloting the plane when it crashed. He started flying in 1975. He started flying acrobatics in 1990 according to the Flying Circus.

Wicker was planning to marry her plane maintenance crew chief in the next year while wing walking.

According to her Facebook page she has two sons.

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